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Redgrave Zuri Skin

Redgrave - Zuri (Tan)

Redgrave – Zuri (Tan)

Emilia Redgrave has just released this gorgeous Zuri skin in Tan and Cacao tone. Each skin tone features 15 makeups and dark hair base. I use to wear Redgrave quite a bit, back when it was one of the few places to get nice “shiny” skin, and the prices are very reasonable.

Redgrave - Zuri (Tan)

Here you can see 4 of 15 makeups. I’ve tried a variety of lipsticks so you can get an idea of how it looks on this skin tone.

Even though this is not a tone I normally wear, I think that it’s a really nice shade of Tan and I think a well-done Tan skin is hard to find on the grid.

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  1. Jennifer

    I cannot believe how completely different you look Gogo, in Redgrave in a tan skin.
    It’s different for sure.

    Zuri seems to have tons of shine/glow lots more than the tan skins I am used too, I’m kinda up in the air with wanting it.

    I’m sure it will be popular tho..

  2. Bunny Blindside

    It looks greasy to me 😡 I am not a big fan of redgrave skins – though the faces are pretty, i don’t like the super high shine.

  3. Wilma Delgado

    Gives you a wet washcloth and a bar of Dove soap…tells you to wash your greasy face. Blech..not pretty.

  4. Dawnde Lane

    love the nose, on the skin very pretty i like the lil freckles like that and hope to see it on more skins, but bunny was right it looks greasy.

    looking forward to pink fuel skins though…. sooooooooooooooooo pretty

  5. Lil

    I guess asking “How are the boobs” would be a little too intimate? 😉

  6. Sally

    I actually don’t think it looks that bad at all. I find it to be a pretty and “pale” tan. I agree it’s a bit too much shine but honestly, doesn’t look like a fat shiny skin or something.
    Gogo looks very mature in this 🙂

  7. Akira

    Having an oriental shape and loving dark tan skin lines had always been difficult for me, but with summer coming, I’ll definitely look into this!
    Might look great with my new bikinis:D Thanks Gogo!

  8. Rebeca Dembo

    is not look greasy, emilia want it to make something for summer (i guess) , a lot of girls want to have a shiny face.
    to me this skin looks like a summer girl when is going out (clubbing) and looks very mature^^
    i love it
    BTW lil the boobs are awesome 🙂 aslo the hairbase

  9. Effy

    I think their skins have improved, as far as detailing goes. My only beef is that their skins are too shiny, and personally I like my avi to look realistic as possible. Real people aren’t shiny. I think their skin tones have improved a lot from their other tans. This looks more natural, as opposed to their bronze-like tans.

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