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Two Questions for Bloggers

Cajsa asked two very interesting questions to Bloggers on her plurk timeline, so I thought I would re-post it here and also write my responses.

Bloggers! Two Questions!

1) How long did you blog before you received your first review copy from a designer that was not a close friend?

My first blog was kind of a mess. I was not aware of the fashionplanet feed yet, so I didn’t read anybody’s blog. I just made one to document my shopping and stuff I did with my friends. I never wrote a single review or did proper credits. Then one day, a friend showed me the fashionplanet feed and I saw so many fashion bloggers, some of them had great pics, some of them didn’t. I thought I could do it better, so I took my blog more “seriously” and moved it from Vox (lol, right?) to WordPress.

Oh, and nobody ever sent me any review copies just because they liked my blog. I didn’t have any designer friends either, I just fangirl’d them from afar, LOL!!!

2) How long did you blog before you first requested a review copy of an item from a designer? (not a friend)

After I blogged for a few months, I asked Raven Pennyfeather (and Harper Beresford) for review copies of gorgeous House of Rfyre gowns. So yay! Thanks girls for not turning me away and dashing my fashionista dreams 😛

I really didn’t ask for many review copies until I felt confident that my blog had traffic and and decent pictures. There were lots of already established bloggers then, and of course, Linden Lifestyles and the Second Style blog/mag. I felt like I wasn’t anywhere near their level of traffic so I didn’t feel “deserving” of review copies.

I think that my experience as a fashion blogger differs from some of the new fashion bloggers now. I barely ever saw “review copies” mentioned back then, but now almost every designer has a policy listed somewhere in their profile or website, which encourages more bloggers to ask for them.

How I feel about the state of SL fashion blogging now is.. eh.. I’ll tell you guys another time 😛

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  1. Safeer Glendevon

    The first blog I ever found was Slex and the City and after reading their posts for a month or two I decided to give it a try. I’m still pretty rough on a lot of stuff and learning as I go. The first person that gave me things to review was Ivey Deschanel and that was about 3 weeks after starting. I still haven’t requested any items because I feel like I’m imposing or begging. So when someone sends me something I do try and get to it but make no promises. Our blog is more of a showcase of cool stuff we find around the grid. I know I will never be as great as some other blogs out there because I just don’t have that much time to commit to it but I do it to hopefully drum up business for the talented people dedicating their time making beautiful things to look at. 🙂

  2. Dulce Loxely

    What’s the Fashionplanet feed? 🙂

  3. LoLli

    HI! I JUST started a blog about a week ago and yea.. lol I wouldn’t ask for review copy of anything until I know people are reading also,, for now im just doing some posts about what I like thats new free or old even 🙂 But I noticed your Link to me section and would LOVE it if u linked my blog 🙂

    • LoLli

      Tysm 🙂

  4. Grace Bashly

    1) My RL/SL husband and I started blogging in April 2010 even though we’ve both been residents of SL since 2007. Last week I received my first “request” notecard as they liked my blog and I was thrilled to have been asked. I went to the store and purchased my own copies however, because they were super cheap (L$35) and I remember as a former designer how great it feels to see that you’ve made money. Since I am blogging the Black & Blue fair, a couple of designers have sent me review copies and I’ve tried my best to blog most items, especially if they are quality items.

    2) I didn’t “request” in a notecard, but I have seen a few designers ask bloggers to apply for review copies. I’ve done that once so far for a store I already frequented (Cynful!!) and had success.

    I’ve also sometimes sent a notecard to designers when they have been the main feature of a blog article of ours to let them know we were blogging them, with hopes of forming a positive relationship with that designer. I hope I haven’t bothered anyone!

    Between my husband and myself, we have two friends who are designers in SL. One sends me a free item now and then, but I don’t abuse the friendship, and only ask for something when I wish to wear one of their designs for a blog. That said, I won’t ask for something I wouldn’t wear normally so I get a lot of “wear” out of the ‘gift’. The other friend doesn’t offer, and we don’t ask. I’ve blogged about one of her outfits before, but I purchased it. 🙂

    I would love for designers to approach me as I’m just a few months old in blogging, and I’d love to help out stores that are newer with great potential (just as our blog). Of course, I’d be super flattered by one of the more established designers to send me a review copy of skins, hair, clothing, etc. too! It’s hard to stand out and get attention in a long blogroll unless someone notices you.

  5. Lizzie Lexington

    I want to say I received my first review item around august 2008 and I believe it was from Annah Whitfield (Storin). The first time I asked for a review item that was not a friend I believe was for Periquita last fall sometime. I don’t get that many review items – I’m not well liked LOL.

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