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Torley's WL

Today I made a folder and labeled it, CRAP TO BLOG, and dragged all unsorted folders inside my inventory to it. The stuff is not crap, it’s all fabulous, but that’s just how I like to label things.

One of the outfits I found inside my CRAP folder is this gorgeous DCNY Madelene II outfit. I have no idea how long it has been there, but I am pleasantly surprised I found it again. This outfit can be worn several ways, all the layers are included, so you can wear with suspenders, without, with just the suspenders (if you want to pair it with another top underneath).

I love the outfit, it matches my new Argrace Military Cap “Loose Chignon” hairstyle. Argrace hair is no mod but includes a resize script. Typically no mod hair is also a no purchase thing for me, but I make exceptions when it’s cute. The demo had a resize script so I played around with it and it was alright.

I’m using one of Torley’s Watermelon WL setting, and I just love it. I want to try bolder WL settings cos I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately.

Til next time.

What I’m Wearing:

Argrace – Military Cap “Loose Chignon” Platinum
DCNY – Madelene II  Outfit(Blue)
Donna Flora – MONIA jewelry set

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  1. JenniferD

    Do I sense a slight amount of blogger burnout?
    I know it must be fustrating and a bit like groundhog day the movie
    but you are ~unique Gogo and I among others look forward each day
    to what you post.

  2. Bell Lectar

    The first picture is so beautiful, it’s tearjerking :*)
    How do you make pictures so beautiful, such talent <3

  3. Ziki Questi

    I’m feeling blogger burnout, and I hardly ever blog! 🙂 But like JenniferD, I love checking your posts … send a note to Torley, he’d be happy to see this! … and maybe you just need some inworld distraction! 😀

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