Exile, Apple May


I was in a funk all day but I logged in for gorgeous new skins and new hair. I can’t keep away for too long when SL designers lure me in with new goodies!

Apple May has been around forever, but I had no idea that she sold skins too. Maybe this is the first one, but I can’t be sure since I haven’t been to AMD in awhile. This Mia skin is a group gift (join the subscribo to get it) and is available in 4 skin tones. I instantly liked this face as soon as I tried it on. Why do I like this face so much?


Exile – April | Deanna 2 | Alessa (in Dusk)

Exile is on a roll! These three new hairstyles are adorable. I’m going Brown today to celebrate the release of Eclipse! I can’t believe I went to see it on opening day, yay me. And just in case you’re wondering, I’m Team Jacob! Sadly I’ve read book 4 and that doesn’t happen but if you’re still reading it I won’t spoil it here.


What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Deanna 2 (Dusk)
AMD – Mia (Beige) Naturals Nude A
Adam n Eve Clothes – Amelia (Pink)
Paper Couture – Glass Flower Necklace
Paper Couture – Diamond Encrustd Square Cut Amethyst Ring
DeLa – Pumps “Stella” Extra Pink

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  1. you look gorgeous.. but… edward is WAY better! im goin to see eclipse at midnight ;D

  2. I saw Eclipse yesterday too! I am totally Team Jacob. Even though he is young, he is so built and yummy!! I am curious as to how they plan on turning the 4th book into a movie. Love the skin by the way and Exile gets better and better!

  3. love the apple may skin so fresh and sweet,
    on another note candydoll has a free skin(scribo) with a very very pretty face,…. but the legs are hairy ……………… love it

  4. I’m going to see Eclipse on July 16th with my girlfriends, can’t wait! I’ve gotta say the movies actually make me LIKE Jacob, but I really didn’t like him when reading the books. I’m still Team Edward, though. 🙂

  5. There was an eclipse? like where the moon obscures our visual path towards the Sun? and I missed it?

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