PXL Candy Skin

PXL - Candy

A few of my friends are very into PXL skins, so I decided to give the new PXL Candy skins a try. Even though I’m wearing this skin with Blonde hair, I really think it’s more suited for Brunettes because of the skin tone and brows color. Also, this face is more mature than I would like, but from my friends tell me, they prefer PXL for the mature face.

PXL - Candy

The body on this skin is quite nice, with very nice shadings and just a hint of glow on the skin. I did notice a lot of large freckles all over the body, and yeah, this adds realism, but I personally prefer a more flawless look.

PXL - Candy

PXL Candy – Front/Back (Torso)

PXL - Candy

The demo is a bit overwhelming with the avatar mesh lines covering the entire body, even the face. I hope that this changes with future releases, cos it makes it hard to inspect important areas for seams.

If you wanna try this skin, visit PXL.

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  2. Ty gogo for your review.
    Anyway as u have checked my skins not have seams 🙂
    The demo watermark i use is a template line just to not cover the seams but to not create false seams due to lines or words like demo demo … all over the body
    If i find a better solution in future i will use it for sure.
    for now ty so much… and u not seems old but only so cute 🙂

    xoxo Hart

  3. You know I am a fan of the PXL Creations skins, but objectively I have to disagree on the demo showing the mesh that according to you makes it hard to inspect the skin for seams. If there would be any, they would show very clearly with the mesh shining through. Because, contrary to the annoying lines a lot of skins have for demos, the mesh actually shows where the templates meet and hence where you would detect non matching textures or bad alignments.

    Nice to see you in PXL… they make you look like you belong on the main grid instead of on the teen grid 😛 <3

    • Well, to me it was like looking at a puzzle. While the intention is not to hide seams, it does distract the eyes from seeing the entire skin, cos your eyes is always drawn to the mesh lines instead.

  4. Redgrave does the same thing with their skin demos as well and sadly it has deterred me from buying their skins. I like to be able to really look at the face. But I did see Cajsa inworld today with the Pale tone on and I was really impressed. I plan on demoing when the pale comes out.

    And it is a more mature face and for me personally that is not a bad thing at all. I like looking older in SL. YAY for mature faces!!

  5. Yay! So happy to see you in PXL and I confess to being the friend that helped wear you down. I love your look – but yes, I do like looking over 25. You look gorgeous!

  6. Loving this skin! Nice Job! Interestingly I can hardly see mesh lines on the demo but am not on V2 yet. (I know resistance is futile but I can’t stand the new lay-out).

    I wonder if that makes a difference to what you are seeing on the demo.

  7. Its actually exactly why I don’t buy PXL skins (and a few other brands). I’m not dropping good money on something I feel like I can’t get a clear picture of in a demo. I understand, naturally, why demos are marked as such, but there are a lot of demos inworld that are highly marked without deterring from the skin. I refuse to believe a creator cannot find a better way when dozens of other skin creators are already doing so. The skin looks great on you, Gogo. I wish I knew that for my own shape.

  8. skin looks fine,reminds me of dutch touch skins a lot..maybe thats just me
    works well with the brunette style though.

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