Dekade, Brooke Skins

Dekade - Brooke (Sunkissed)

Dekade released a new skin this weekend and it is stunning. Normally I wear the lighter tones but I’m wearing Sunkissed today with Dark brows, which I think is a stunning combination for this skin. I may be going darker for Summer, cos Sunkissed tones just looks better with darker brows. I’m usually against any kind of beauty marks on the face but this one is charming, I think it’s very much like Scarlett Johansson’s adorable face.

Dekade - Brooke (Sunkissed)

Dekade - Brooke (Sunkissed)

Dekade Brooke skins has 8 makeups, two lip gloss (tattoo layer), cleavage (all layers), pair of eyes, Light/Dark/Brown brows, and hair base option for all skins.

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  1. I’d have to agree the sunkissed skins do look better with darker hair!!
    But we all know blonde is so hard to pull off, which you do with such ease.
    So many things to consider when you put on a skin, especially the skin tone and hair color choice. I am definatly gonna try the demo of this “Brooke” skin. Its a new skin designer to me so, I am excited. <3

    Been looking for a new way to stand out from the rest. Seems everyone is wearing the same ole skins now a days. I'm guilty of that for sure with my Curio skins. I am a Curio junkie. But I am looking for a new skin because recently I really started to notice how my "Sundust" tone has a quite a bit of red to it. Will be nice to find something completely different.

    ~Sry bout rambling.

  2. OMG! I Love these skins. but,
    I wanna know where the eyes are from too, please?

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