Unique Megastore, Jolie Skins

Unique Megastore - Jolie

Unique Megastore released another skin, Jolie, which features a range of colorful makeups the face is just adorable. I really wanted this to work with Blonde hair but this is the only skin tone available and the brows are Brown.

Unique Megastore - Jolie

Unique Megastore - Jolie

Unique Megastore - Jolie

I’m showing all the makeups from Pack 1-7 and Pack 8-12. Pack 1-7 has 7 makeups and sexy breasts options and hair base. Pack 8-12 has 5 makeups and features some open lips options.

Unique Megastore - Jolie

Check out this body! This may be one of my favorite  bodies on a skin, I think it’s just perfect. It is well defined and the body shadings and shine is so subtle and sexy.

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  1. Hmm, dont you think the makeup on the cheeks is too red ? Agree with you on the body though.

  2. wow one of the prettiest mouths/lips I’ve seen in a very long time on a skin. I can’t wait to demo it

  3. That’s the first tooth skin I’ve bought. It looked just adorable on my shape. I just wish the pack had a skin with closed mouth too.

  4. Adorable, thanks for blogging these, I ended up buying one myself, although I cannot run to the full set as of yet. The open mouths are so prettily done and I didn’t need to alter my shape at all. Makes a change from my usual drlife skins. 🙂

  5. Thank you Gogo, thank you for introducing me to my beautiful Jolie.
    I’m never going to get bored of this beautiful face

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