Armenelos, Summer of Love


I’m at Armenelos, a perfect Greek island with charming homes and stairs leading to scenic places to relax or take pictures.


I didn’t get an invite to preview the Summero f Love fair, but like any good fashionista, I snuck in 😛 It was lag free and awesome. The fair doesn’t officially open til tomorrow so check back later, I’ll post a few other things I bought.

I went in search of some new skins and found this Sophie skin from Lara Skins. It’s not perfect, but hey, it was cheap and the face is lovable. For $600L you get all 5 skin tones, hair base version, and cleavages! I’m pairing it with the Miranda hairstyle from Exile, a fair exclusive, so be sure to get yourself a pack while you’re there. Wavy/Curly hairstyles that doesn’t flicker is so hard to find in SL, but Exile does it so well because this is not flexi, it’s all sculpted.


Here I am picture whoring on a nice Greek patio…


What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Miranda (Dusk)
Lara Skin – Sophie (Pale)
Hucci – Wild Child (Wild Pink)
LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Black)

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  1. Woulda invited you if I’d been able to find your name before you snuck in! giggles. Love it! x

  2. Lmao i snuck in too, i was so proud of even finding it , i thought i will stay til they throw me out, but i must have the new Plastik dresses there and i stayed well over an hour and no one said a word.
    Omg i felt like a Charlies Angel it was so freakin cool.
    Sweetie, i still want to know about the shape you used for the last Chaisuki skin review. If you dont want to tell, just say so and i;ll stop, im just afraid you arent even seeing my requests. I love that face shape and it looks like a couple of the shapes you sell, i just cant figure out which one.
    We so rock for beain bad girls and crashing the party lol

  3. i would love to know about the shape aswell. even if it’s just a no reply, it would be nice to know either way

    • This is my own shape, but you can visit my shop in-world or on xstreetsl to brows the line of shapes that I do have for sale 🙂

  4. I don’t see why you don’t wear Lara skins, I think they look great on you personally.

  5. thanks for the reply Gogo, i actualy bought your newest shape so i will try it out with that one. i can see what you mean, even if you sell shapes you would want to keep your own shape personal. thanks for the answer though!

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