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Did you know that Truth has a website? I think all SL brands should have a web presence, to keep customers updated on products and let them view new releases and refer to old releases all in one place. I like that Truth has been updating his site with every new release and also includes links to purchase on XSTREETSL.

Of course, you can always purchase in-world at Truth Hair island.

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  1. OMG I want that hair and I want it now!!! =)
    Come here daily and never commented before! Shame on me! 🙂
    Keep the amazing posts coming! You are an inspiration!

  2. Can’t help looking at the bangs on ‘Julia’ and imagining how gorgeous that would look as a pixie cut <3

  3. !OMG!… I love the Julia.. that’s Perfect for my Child Avi


    Thanks Gogo!

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