BOHO Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…


Hello BOHO! Redsoledrea Gossipgirl (you’ll know her as the designer of OMFG and Dekade) has just launched a new brand with more casual pieces and natural textures and I think it’s just fantastic. I’m looking forward to more items from BOHO! I’m wearing one of the first pieces from this brand, The Madison is a two piece bikini with a matching Jewell embellishment necklace.

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I wanted to blog this BouncyBall from ANAmations last week, but I couldn’t find the right occasion. The BouncyBall I have is a SpecialEdition one with Katat0nik’s gorgeous print on it. This is a collaboration between Katat0nik and ANAmations and only 50 copies were sold sooo… they may all be gone, but you can still get prints from other shops or just a regular one at ANAmations!

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Hailey 2 (Happy Blond)
Laqroki – Pearl 07 (Fair) Glow Skin
BOHO – The Madison (Silver)
ANEXX – BowBalletFlats (White)

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