Deliciously Katat0nik


This is why I love Katat0nik’s stuff so much, she always has cute new releases and they’re colorful and girlie. I would much rather wear stuff like this than something more formal. Before I discovered Katat0nik, I was a big fan of lolita dresses but there wasn’t much variety. I don’t think lolita fashion is that big in SL anymore but it’s still one of my favorite ways to dress up.

What I’m Wearing:

Katat0nik – MOOberry
Katat0nik – Musik
Katat0nik – (dk Pink) Dottie Dress
Katat0nik – (dk pink) Panda Boombox
Katat0nik – Gatcha Sweetheart Boots (White)
ANEXX – VaudevillianShoes (Black)

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  1. I love the MOOberry one from the Magic of Oz (MOO) hunt! It was a great hunt and a great outfit! 🙂

  2. hi, I absolutely love the skin your wearing! can I please have the name of the place you got it and the name of the skin please! ty 🙂

  3. Hi there….love all three outfits! I picked up the dotty dress….but have searched the entire store and cannot find the Mooberry or Musik. Have they discontinued both of those outfits? Thanks

  4. Lovely and bright, as always.
    Lolita and cute styles are very rare on SL, glad to see I was not the only one to think so.

    Excuse me if this is rude to ask, but I scoured for an answer and could not find one. Where is it that you purchase the eyes that you predominantly wear? They are simply beautiful!

  5. Yes, please share the eyes, Gogo, really on the lookout for some pretty eyes lately.

    Went and nosed around KatatOic, couldn’t find the MOOberry but bought romperstomper.

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