Truth Hair

Truth Hair

Truth – Vera | Marissa | Keeley

I’m loving this week’s Truth hair releases cos the hairstyles frames the face so well and there are no bangs covering the face. These styles will be perfect for blogging skins, which I haven’t done too much of lately but I’m hoping to do them more frequently soon cos some of my favorite designers are releasing new faces.

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Truth Hair

Also, if you have not made the switch to SL 2.1 (or another SL viewer with layers capabilities) you’re really missing out on some excellent customizations. I am wearing Laqroki Pearl skin with Dark Brows on the tattoo layer, plus Lelutka Lola lipstick. The fit is not perfect on the lipstick, but from afar you can’t even tell! I wanted to wear a more matted lipstick, even though I normally love the shiny lipgloss on Laq skins.

Truth Hair <– see the lips corners peeking out beneath my lipstick tattoo? You probably won’t get a perfect match with lipsticks unless it is created by the same creator for that specific skin. So I’m still crossing my fingers that Laqroki will be releasing some lipsticks on a tattoo layer soon! *crosses fingers*

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  1. Wow, allways great Pics!
    But where can i found the white Shirt on the Pics?
    Please give a Tip…

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