Unique Megastore, Suzie skin

Unique Megastore - Suzie

Meet Suzie, the newest skin release from Unique Megastore. For several releases in a row, Unique Megastore skins have been sunkissed or tan, which is a lil bit darker tone  than what I normally wear.

This new Suzie skin comes in a lighter tone with light brows, and it pairs beautifully with light Brown hair or even the right shade of Blonde. Suzie also includes “sexy breasts” option, hair base, and a mix of closed and open-mouth skins.

I wish I could show you all of the makeups, but since I’m photographing with shadows today, I’ll have to limit myself to just two favorites.

Unique Megastore - Suzie

I picked up this adorable Love Affair babydoll top from ATOMIC, it is part of one of the special sales event (there’s so many, hard to keep track of). I like the color and the shading, and I generally adore babydoll tops. I was a lil disappointed that the cleavage is so low and wide, so the top looked really odd when worn by itself. So, I wore the Frilly Little Bra from Whippet&Buck and it looked better with it.

What I’m Wearing:

Unique Megastore – Suzie 01, Suzie 09 “sexy breasts”
LeLutka – Olja (Toast)
Whippet&Buck – Frilly Little Bra (Ivory)
ATOMIC – Bleached Jeans (Vintage)
Caroline’s Jewelry – Crimson & White Cake Ring

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