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D!va hair


D!va Hair – Chizuru (group gift) | Haruka (group gift in-store)

Do you know what happens when I stumble into a new hair store? My linden$ disappears and half a dozen hairstyles land in my inventory! YAY! 🙂

I found D!va Hair (byMarisa Kira) while looking for free hair for the Newbie Style Challenge. These two hairstyles above are free gifts, they’re so cute.

Even though I really like the Cat’s eye blonde texture at D!va, I really think there should be more texture choices. All hairstyles also includes a version with bangs.

I don’t like that the hair is no mod (but includes a resize script). The resize script is alright for some of the styles but a few of them really aren’t wearable (although you can’t see it in my pictures, I suck at editing via the script so I couldn’t move some prims to cover some bald areas).

Do I like D!va? Yes, for $100L per color, they’re a great deal but the no mod/resize script thing is annoying. I hope they change this in future releases.

Below are a few of my favorites…


D!va Hair – Maria | Miki


D!va Hair – Noriko | Risa


D!va Hair – Tomoko | Yuri

Free Eyes

I needed free eyes for my Newbie Style Challenge and Elfreda Quar sent me a notecard with lots of places with free gorgeous eyes. I visited a few of them, and decided that I liked these best. They’re actually so pretty I am wearing them on my main av too.

All 3 pairs are free at Ibanez Eyes. Thanks Elfreda for the hot tip!!


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Lola (Light) Makeup5 (L Brows)
LeLutka – Lola (Lipstick) Nature Matte
Couverture – Lace Hem Dress (Little Red Riding) tunic
LeeZu – O’LaLa Micro Jeans Skirt
Donna Flora – Lia Ring

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  1. Vaki

    Those eyes are gorgeous — thanks for the link, will check them out! Still curious about those really beautiful hazel eyes you were wearing in the Dekade post a few days back, though: I’ve wanted a good hazel for ages.

  2. Vixxie

    i picked up those eyes, they *are* gorgeous. thanks for the head’s up!

    and i love d!va hair, those styles look fabulous on you (: yay for cat’s eye blonde.

  3. Annabelle Nicholas

    The tomoko and risa styles are so cute !! But i am a tail chick anyways…

  4. Elfie Quar

    Oh thanks for the credit mdear- was kinda poring past all the nasty drama and hey! Also Vixxie the hazel eyes from Wasabi Pills are rather lovely…

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