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Gimme Gimme More, JuicyBomb!

Alright guys, here’s your chance to vote on what content you’d like to see more of on Juicybomb! I tend to cover a lot of fashion but I am interested in Home and Garden, Tutorials, exploring SL places and oh, occasionally I like to write about things that I don’t like.

What do you want to see MORE of? And if it’s not listed in the choices below, please leave a comment! Thanks!

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  1. Sally

    I think, you’re already great when it comes to fashion blogging and you cover the most important already. Also, there are so many fashion blogs that keeps an OK to good standard. I think you’d do something more special now when you ask for it 🙂
    I rarely see a good blog with much home and garden and never any with cool tutorials.
    So, make it famous for having nice home&garden posts and cool tutorials. 🙂

  2. Blaise Glendevon

    Now, I voted for ‘all of the above’ – for me that’s a combination of more tutorials & more exploring SL places.

  3. Delila

    I love the way you cover fashion and when a designer doesn’t perform to standards. I love home and garden as well, though I’m not big on tutorials and exploration, per se. You do what you do well, Gogo, and I’ve liked your mix and format for quite some time.

  4. Ayami Imako

    Your blog is my favorite out of the probably 30 or so SL ones I follow. I like the variety of content and the occasional rant about things .. which often leave me giggling .. I know thats bad to say. But no .. its not broke so don’t try to fix it. Your blog rocks .. keep up the awesome work.

  5. JD Nansen

    Hey Gogo,

    remember me ? I follow your Blog since Jan. 2010, even tho I wasn’t sure of joining Second Life yet. I loved and still love your Blog and it’s my first stop in the morning before I even start working on my Creations. Your Blog was the reason why I started creating skins. I would love to see them on your blog since you display a lot of skins, clothes and other things in such a cute fashion that I can’t wait to see more.

    You reviewed my first skins and I’m still grateful about such kindness. this helps me a lot with my new creations and upgrading the older ones. I’m looking forward for a review on my newer products and of many more years of cute and absolute stunning reviews on SL Products.

    and by the way, I think you are the most beautiful person on SL, and I do not mean the Image you picture, talking to you and reading your blog shows why your blog is so different. Many other blogger out there, could take you as an example. Please keep up the wonderful work. Thank you.

  6. mah/bellahyae/etc

    what i would love to see (in blogs in general) are blogs with integirty , family friendly blogs. so much anger and frustration and hurt feelings are created because of the friction people put into there blogs.
    from the really skimpy pictures, to the swearing or belittleing or mistreatment. and then the backlash, the angry readers, the people who feel they are being treated badly, the fantastic artists who are treated like junk. i speak of blogs in general. too many are about how sexy they can be . what ever happend to the artistic hights we could reach posting and showing our highest quality in different ways. sure you can wonder where what i am saying is coming from, oir if it makes any sence and treat it as you will. or maybe you wont, but if i’m being honest, it’s these things which i am really truly looking for in blogs. i want to feel inspiried by others showing greatness. great integrity, no matter what is being done, changing my and others world for the better. i feel like i’m speaking a forgien language to people just bringing this up *sigh*.
    if you only knew what effect peoples blogs had on peoples lives. there familys. marrages. the media has this effect in peoples lives too. anyway, those are my thoughts, i’m sure i sound like a strange person to the lot of you, but thanks for listening anyway.

  7. trish

    i wish there would be less lelutka (especially skins) and more of all the other skins creators…

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