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Home sweet home

Change is interesting. I like rezzing homes and landscaping around them, but I move at a snail’s pace so I kept my PM home for over 2 years. I really liked that house, it was simple and only had 4 rooms so it was perfect for me since I take forever to decorate.

I’ve finally deleted the PM home from my sim today to make room for a new one! But I miss it already! I miss my pool too, but I never really use it sooo.. bye bye old house…

my house

my old house

Hello new house! My work in progress:

my house

my new house

It’ll probably take me awhile to landscape and I might put my pool back but re-texture it to match the house.

/Update: Here’s the link to purchase the VRD Prefab Island Cottage home!

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  1. Miah McAuley

    So beautiful and cute! I like your new home so much

  2. Jennaa Loire

    Oh this is adorable! I love the new home, I gotta ask if you are willing to share where is it from. It’s beyond cute! Can not wait to see what you do with the landscaping :))

  3. Verde

    The new house is so cute! I love the mounds of flowers around the porch. Where is the house from?

  4. idyll

    Oh very nice! If this is a prefab, would you mind telling me the designer?

  5. Jennaa Loire

    Thanks so much for giving us the link gogo much appreciated 🙂 It’s gorgeous!!

  6. Blair Silvercloud

    /me steals your house ^^ Thanks for giving us the link!

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