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Kimono Girl


I’m currently obsessed with this Jacket Kimono from AWRAM-VIIE (by Miraiwave Iwish). Big shout out to KawaiiNicole for the great find! This Kimoni can be worn alone or as part of an outfit, you really can’t go wrong here.

Here are some new hairstyles from Exile & Truth, the two hair biggies in SL 😛


Exile – Kirsten | Malibu (TDR Exclusive color) | Malibu

How cute are these two hairstyles Exile??? I’m in love with the two-tone colors sold only at TDR (The Dressing Room), go get ’em!


Truth – Kalista | Layla | Rylan

Truth has three adorable new hairstyles! My personal favorite is the Rylan, which also has a Rylan 2 version (without bangs).


I’m feeling kinda Red today.. do you like the change? I probably won’t ever be a permanent Red head in SL, but I do like to try it once in awhile.


What I’m Wearing:

AWRAM-VIIE – Jacket Kimono (Pink)
Dekade – Circle of Life Cocktail Ring (Diamond)
Dekade – The Cigarette Jean (Classic Denim)
ANEXX – FlowerBalletFlats (Red)

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  1. Sarah

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your website. It’s wonderful. And I love that jacket.

  2. Bell Lectar

    You’re stunning redhead!
    Show haircolor variety more often, you can make any look good.

  3. Revanna Mistwallow

    I was wondering if you’d be willing to do an interview by email about your blogging experiances? If you’d be willing to do this please get in contact with me via email at, Thank you in advance! 🙂

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