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Laqroki Hair Kits

Laqroki Tattoo Layers Brows

Laqroki  – Elena (original) | Elena (with Blonde brows tattoo)

Laqroki released hair kits yesterday for all current Laqroki skin tones. What’s a hair kit? It’s Eyebrows, Hairbase, and Hairbase + Eyebrows on a tattoo layer. I am wearing just the Eyebrows in these pictures to show you what a difference changing eyebrows can do for a skin.

One of my favorite Laqroki skins, Elena, only comes with thick dark brows. I’ve been dying for Elena in lighter brows and now I can have it in any color I want. Yep! I chose Blonde, but you can wear Red, Brown, Black as well. For skins that already have the brows color you want you don’t need to wear the Eyebrows tattoo, but can still use the hair base.

Laqroki Tattoo Layers Brows

Laqroki – Aline (original) | Aline (with Blonde brows tattoo)

This is very exciting for someone like me, who owns so many Laqroki skins but I want to wear them with different hair colors and I want my brows to match! I loooooove that I can turn any existing skin “Blonde” or “Red”, which are harder to find in SL than Brunette (dark) brows.

Laqroki has set the standard for other skin makers, now I want tattoo brows choices for ALL of my skins. I can’t wait for lips and makeups and other things we can mix and match with, now that multiple tattoo layers can  be worn at once. This is exciting!

FYI, these tattoo layers are made for Laqroki skins tones, so they will NOT work with any other skin in SL. Pick up a demo, you’ll see what I mean. They MAY work if you find a skin with the same exact highlights and tone but that’s highly unlikely.

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  1. Sommer

    Useful information as I usually don’t even buy a skin with dark brows, I like them a bit lighter.

  2. Marianne Little

    Yes, this will be useful! But, you say that these layers will work only with LAQ skins. Mhm, I can understand that with the brows. But the hairbase layer then? That should work for most skins? I have some freebie hairbases on the tattoo layer, they just don’t look good when worn with a ponytail. LAQ and LeLutka has some of the most natural painted on hair.

  3. Cajun

    I see you’re still taunting us with those eyes 😛

    • Gogo

      I rarely tell people where I buy eyes from, I just don’t like to share THAT one specific thing. I hope everybody understands 🙂 They are for sale, somewhere.

      • Cajun

        Completely understandable.

        Had figured that might be the case given the clamor for info 🙂

  4. SadieMae

    GoGo, is that how you are about the shapes too > i have been waiting for 2 days to find out which shape you used for the New ChaiSuki Face. I never have seen a face and skin look so close to mine in real life, not in 6 years of sL.
    I just wanted to know if its one of hte ones you sale, it looks very close to both Isabelle and BeBe. If not, and its one you don;t want to sell, i will understand, i;ll just pout a little though lol

  5. Vio

    Eyes can make or break a pretty face. These completely make you, so i completely understand why you’d hold that near to you 😀 Lovely avi <3

  6. Vixxie Vultee

    elena && aline…. with blonde eyebrows?!??!

    oh man, i think i just exploded in excitement..

  7. Lashae Karsin

    This really excites me! The only skin that I buy is LAQ; so, I have quite a few. I recently purchased a blonde brow skin because I personally don’t like dark brows with blonde hair (I normally wear dark hair colors); although I don’t normally wear a lot of red hair either, the blonde seemed to also work well for this color. Now, I can just add the tattoo layer for the red brows! I cannot wait to see what LAQ comes out with next!

  8. JeanGenie Jewell

    omg at last!*runs to buy blonde base for her claudia

  9. JeanGenie Jewell

    awww….i must use Sl viewer to see them*sighs

    • Lil

      The official viewer isn’t the only one that supports 2.0 tattoo layers.
      There is also the RainbowViewer RIP release, Imprudence and I’m not sure what Emerald is currently offering.

  10. Babyspice

    LAQ, please maybe make more hair for blonde,red,brown hairbase xD

  11. Pumpkin Saenz

    The only thing I found disappointing is that you have to buy each individual color tone. I have several Laq skins in all tones, so at first I thought “Oooh yes! $350 for the entire red brow set!” but then I saw that it’s $350 for each brow/tone option. Oh well, from now on, I’m sticking to one tone with them.

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