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Red, Blue, and Bird Cage

SySy, LaGyo

LaGyo released the second part of their Summer jewelry collection a few days ago, and there are lots of cute pieces that can be worn alone or as part of a set. I am wearing the Floss necklace, Floss brooch, and Floss Earrings (it’s hidden by my hair but it’s there!). The Floss items are scripted to change color so I tried to match my brooch and necklace to SySy’s new Ruffle tank in pink/teal color. After I put this outfit together, I realized it looked a bit like the 4th of July, lol, but the colors are cute and you can’t go wrong with Red and blue! 🙂

SySy, LaGyo

Let me tell you about this Bird  Cage Wall Art from Southern Bella. I joined a home and garden group to grab a free gift from one of the participating shops and forgot to leave. Yes, I know, I’m totally guilty of group hopping. It’s a good thing I stayed because this group sends out home decor gifts daily! Sometimes I grab the stuff and it’s pretty cute, like this gift from Southern Bella. Are you decorating on a budget? Get this 1-prim bird cage wall art. The group is SL House & Garden, and it’s free to join.

SySy, LaGyo

These TuttiFrutti Lucy in the Sky (Ultra Low Jeans) may be the most colorful pair of pants I own in SL. These pants are “ass-crack pants” cos it shows just a lil too much but it looks great if you pair it with regular top instead of a crop top. The pants includes sculpted skinny cuffs and wide cuffs.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – April (Dusk)
LeLutka – IFepale-makeup 4 (D Brows)
SYSY’s – Ruffle Tank (Pinkteal)
TuttiFrutti – Lucy in the Sky (Ultra Low Jeans)
Friday – Dream Booties (Red)

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  1. Bryn Bulloch

    Hey, hun! Thanks for the mention of my birdie cage wall art (there are several more designs in production as we speak!) AND of the WUNNERFUL SL Home & Garden Group in SL! I’m so excited to share my random creations with my SL fam there! I’mma link to your blog from mine… this is some GREAT stuff ya’ got here! OMG! I’m SO hooked! Holla’ if ya’ have any questions for me…and stay in the SL Home & Garden group…at LEAST until later today when I send out a super cute lamp I made as a joke for a great friend of mine! xoxoxoxxo!! :))

  2. Aarcher Zenovka

    Love your blog Gogo, part of my daily SL addiction hit!! You are personally to blame for my ever increasing fashion inventory. I am also a creator on the SL Home & Garden group, it is a fantastic idea to gather a lot of home decor designers all in place…I hope you keep a place in your groups for it.

    p.s. I think your blog images are some of the highest quality around : )

  3. Gyorgyna Larnia

    Awww!! Thank you darling for using my jewels 😀 The Floss set is also one of my favurites, cause I have the earrings in rl, and I love them, so I decided to make them also here!! I’m really glad you liked them, and the outfit came out really pretty!!!

  4. Ann Launay

    Did I mention that I wish this fad of clothes which don’t actually cover your bits would DIAF? I did, didn’t I?

    *slaps some duct tape over Gogo’s visible ass crack*

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