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Sweet Summer


If you needed a really good reason to switch over to Second Life 2.1 Beta, it’s here! Up to 5 of the same layer can be worn all at once. I am so indulging in different tattoo makeup layers, if you guys know of any shops that sells them please post the name and slurls for me! šŸ™‚


I’m building my outfit around these gorgeous new Espadrilles from Gos today. The Teal color is perfect for a sweet Summer look. A single pair is only $295L and you can purchase a single color updater for $100L (per color). What a deal!


Doppelganger Inc. has this sweet Layer Cake Dress (in Mint) available at the Gatcha machine in Albero. This dress goes perfectly with my new Espadrilles and reminds me of Ice Cream!! YUM!

What I’m Wearing:

Boon – XFE275 Hair (Chocolate)
LeLutka – Lola (Light) Makeup5 (L Brows)
LeLutka – LoLa (Lipstick) Nature Matte
LeLutka – Makeup3
Doppelganger Inc. – Gatcha (Layer Cake Dress) Mint
Dekade – Beach Bag (No. 3)
LaGyo – Sense of Life ring Silver
Gos – Espadrilles (Teal)

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  1. Eos

    Wait, what? Five of the same layer? Including regular clothing layers? Like five jacket layers? Oh god *cackles*

    I don’t have an SLURL at the moment but I believe Cheap Makeup does have tattoo layers, mostly eyeliners. Not a huge selection but what they have is good.

  2. Graelwyn Magic

    Miamai has some gorgeous makeups including a summer set, and 2 sets of mask makeup. She also does eyelashes and eyeliner.

    Another is !Musa!. Plus prim&pixel paradise has a set of fantasy makeups for 100 lindens. Miamai are my favourite, they really are beautiful.

  3. Vixxie Vultee

    cheap makeup also has a gacha at the festival @ albero with lots of cute eyeshadow/eyeliner/lash tattoos for 40L a pop!

  4. Dita Tran

    I’ve been LOVING the eye makeups from Caitlyn Carter Designs (CCD) who knows if I spelled it right, anyway they’re fab. (Primarily fashion makeups)

    Also, Tattanooga has a HUGE selection, particularly fantasy makeups.

    Don’t have slurls since I’m not in SL at the moment, sorry!

  5. maho

    i found this shop a few days back, named gugu dada :
    there lipstick is beautiful! i got a free pair they had out , and really like there solid colrs (like there “japanese maple” lipstick) but be careful, last time my sis went there a greifer bombed her :(. but i cant regret the beautiful lipstick

  6. maho

    whoops, i gave the wrong url. heres the correct one :
    GUGU Dada

  7. Sedge Weyland

    CCD =

    I love the Smokey eyeliner/shadow tattoo from there, I use it quite a bit. šŸ™‚

  8. Tori

    anyone know of a place that sells nipple tattoo layer? most skins nips are ehh…kinda sucks cause some many have great faces. I so hope someone puts out nip layers if there arent any.

  9. Aisling MacMoragh

    So do i get this right? If you want to wear 5 tattoo layers and 5 undershirts and5 shirts and 5 jackets and and 5 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of underwear all at once you can? And when you put on a jacket and already have 5 on how does it know which one you want to take off? And while I am pinching myself with excitement to make sure I am not dreaming this post exists I am also horrified to think what is going to happen with the already completely bogged down and suffering servers when people go from wearing say 1 texture for each of those layers to 25 times that… and we think it takes a long time for things to rez now …

  10. Shuri

    that means I can finally wear things together I never could, because all designers decided to put their things on the same layer(Jackets on shirtlayer make me sad…>.<) specially to prevent me from getting my dreamlook?
    and clot my avatar over with glitter and tattoos?
    WONDERFULL (*o*)/

    Does anyone know any shops with facetattoos? I just realised that i didn't come across much layerfacetattoos yet, allthough I thought thatd be the first thing to flood the grid after the tattoolayers came out.
    Dragons from the chin over the cheekbone to the forehead , butterfly with the an eye as center~, tribal designs, vines, flowers, grapes~ fantasy pattern or SCALES*.* for example… whatever as long as it is wellmade šŸ˜€

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