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Welcome to Innsmouth!

I wanted a rural setting for my photos today and landed at the Innsmouth sim, which is a creepy New England town. I skimmed the note card, there was some info about a plague wiping out most of the towns people and that it’s based on a novel and you’re suppose to feel creepy (and lonely) here.

Aoharu, ANEXX

The first thing I noticed about this sim is that everything was just a little bit crooked.

Aoharu, ANEXX

I found a gas station, of course nobody was inside but I did notice a tip jar. There’s actually quite a few tip jars around this sim, I guess this is how they plan on paying for tier (since I didn’t notice any shops).

Aoharu, ANEXX

Aoharu, ANEXX

Look how creepy this playground is!!!!!

Aoharu, ANEXX

Machang Pichot is back! A new Aoharu and ANEXX release is always exciting because Machang does such good work and there’s always tons of colors (especially Pink) to choose from. I adore the sculpted work, textures on these delicious new Fringe Western Boots that includes 2.0 versions.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Marnie (Mirage)
AOHARU – DungareeLongShirt(White)
MIEL – CUE Necklace
ANEXX – FringeWesternBoots (White)

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  1. Lashae Karsin

    I absolutely love your photos! I will be checking this SIM out! =)

  2. Annabelle Nicholas

    Oh wow ! Those boots are uber sexy !!

    Annabelle <3

    Ps. Wanna trade links ? If so, here is mine
    I already added your blog link to my blogroll.

  3. Fia

    Awesome, thanks for letting us know about it! And looking lovely as always. Definitely going to check the sim out, especially since I’m from creepy New England, haha 🙂

  4. Bech :)

    Ow, I love that SIM!
    I have to ask, do you ask the SIM owners before photographing there? I remember about a year ago I wanted to photograph myself at a nice SIM. Well, just by a tree with some night light, nothing special. This little tree was about 20 m away from the tiny shop. All of a sudden the SIM owner/shop owner comes cursing at me for being a copybot and not replying to her IM at the second and I was like “What? I wanted to take a photo to use for my category box to know what I put in there..” She kept on cursing about me being able to see 2000 m away and copybot something which I assume was on her private parcel.
    I said “No, I can’t see that far, have no idea how to do that. Alright, I’ll just check out the shop and leave then”.
    Heh, I wasn’t even allowed to enter her shop but she wanted to bann me directly. I of course went and never returned.

    Since that day I don’t wanna photograph on people’s SIMs and I wonder how you do? Except being a famous blogger :p

    • Gogo

      I think that most sim owners would be happy to have people enjoy their (public) sim and take photographs and explore. I have never encountered a rude person, but then again, I usually try to go to places that have been featured somewhere so I think the owners expect the random traffic.

    • Lil

      Actually, the revised TOS from April 30th included a general permission from everyone accepting it to allow royalty free photography.

      In your case, I’d say you simply met a low-class store owner and probably an ass concerning interaction.

      • Bech

        Thank you, Lil 🙂 I see it’s “7.4”.
        What a great thing for once, I think :p Not that I will and can visit that woman’s store again but now I do at least know that I have the right to take snapshots on a public SIM if I really want to 🙂

        Yeah, it’s possible. Can’t see why she’d have to be so angry, nothing about me was screaming “copybot” except her text. I didn’t wanna mess with her so I left but if she keeps doing that she’s losing potential customers for sure. No one will spread a good word.

  5. Ziki Questi

    Innsmouth is indeed hauntingly lovely, and although there’s only a tiny store there (keep looking!) you can purchase many of the Innsmouth builds at Darmin Darkes’ store at Paradiso (the sim between Innsmouth and The Abbey): … and her partner, BaileyMarie Princess, has shops there too.

  6. Isabella Lazarno

    Love the skirt in this photo, where is it from ?!? Didn’t see it listed in credits.

    • Gogo

      The skirt is from AOHARU 🙂

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