L+R+W Barefoot

L+R+W (Barefoot)

Even though I own a pair of lovely SLink Barefoot, I was excited to try the L+R+W Barefoot because it is not easy to make a natural looking foot that is perfect in shape and texture. The L+R+W Barefoot does not have 2.0 Alpha layer, and I consider that an important feature for all shoes now. It does however, include a HUD to customize nail color, skin color, and resize & pose.

L+R+W (Barefoot)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this foot about a 6. The toes are long and the foot is too narrow and needs more arch, and the texture could be improved. I would say that I am very good at matching skin color, and I am not always exact (my patience runs out) but I am faster than your average newb, so if I find a HUD challenging, I can bet that most people would not be able to get the skin to match this closely.

L+R+W offers free updates for life, so if you want to give these slender prim feet a try, go grab a demo! 🙂

*note: Tp to the Love Soul Main Store and use the teleporter to go to L+R+W.

L+R+W (Barefoot)

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  1. i love your top and knickers.. could you tell me where they are from? Thank you 😀

  2. I agree. The toes don’t look bad, but definitely not my cup of tea. But, that cute little outfit you’re wearing, where is that from?

  3. The nails/ring are super cute, but the toes scare me a little. They look like they can be popped off >.<

  4. Ew. I would not give it a 6 out of 10. You tinted it to a perfect match, but I didn’t like anything else. WTF is up with them ankles??? The left picture on top looks really scary.

  5. I wish I could teleport there but every time I try to at any place it won’t let me. =(

  6. IMO these feet look like old lady feet lol cute… but I think Ill keep my SLink Barefoot feet a little longer they are much more cute~

  7. I think if the toe nails were plain it might have given a better idea of the product overall. Somehow I find myself distracted by the bows and pink lol

    Not a fan of those toes…effect is creepy o.o
    Makes me think of skeleton toes

  8. have to say i demoed these and the ankles are terrible, toes far to long, the only thing i did like was the top foot texture the veins from the toes are pretty realistic.

    back to the drawing bored with these i think, i too will stick to my slink feet for now

  9. I am sorry to say, I would be hard pressed to give those feet a 1 on a scale of one to 10. Seriously would rather run around in Linden feet than those. To each his own. that is what makes SL, SL, but i won’t be spending money on them.

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