Exile Hair

Exile Hair

Exile – Imogen | Lily

Exile Hair

Exile – Dani | Hera

Exile has four new hairstyles! My favorite style is the Lily which includes a gorgeous Lily flower. This hairstyle is perfect for so many looks and especially outdoorsy photos.

I’m trying something I don’t typically wear with hair… hair bases! I thought Hera needed a hair base to minimize the jagged hair line (this is a big reason why I don’t wear updos without bangs). This style would work so well for dark hair cos most hair bases will match pretty well but for light hair it is challenging.

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What I’m Wearing:

Magic Nook – Les Reveurs Tee (White)
Skream! – You’ve got mail necklace

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  1. Hi Gogo! I just created a gorean fashion based blog and I was hoping to trade links with you! Here’s my link: goodgor.wordpress.com

    Its brand new and kinda rough around the edges, but you’ve inspired me quite a bit, so bear with me as I refine it and get things going! Thanks so so so much!

  2. Hm, a question not concerning SL at all, rather more my curious non-English mind.
    The ad on top of your blog (kind of) says: “Have you consider blog advertising..?” is that correct? As to me it sounds weird with “have you consider”, though I don’t know, so I had to ask someone native 🙂

  3. While I think you’re beautifull… I don’t understand why you’re wearing gray hair?
    Maybe if they had some color hairbase would be simplier.

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