Dutch Touch – Yri

Dutch Touch - Yri

SL hates me today. I can’t focus my avatar’s eyes at all, damn you pixel me, why won’t you look straight ahead!! Anyways, check out this new Yri skin from Dutch Touch. The full release release will be next week but you can get this skin in Cotton and Coffee tone — also a free group gift skin (::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes, $250l to join).

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  1. I wanted to post a quick message and say thank you! I just joined SL last week and yours was the first blog I found. Your blog has helped me to reveal the fashion nut inside me. I have had so much fun this past week shopping and customizing my avatar. And she’s beautiful! I am currently wearing a Juicy Shape, LAQ skin, and LeLutka’s makeup (as well as Truth Hair, and a dress from the Platinum Hunt).

    I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog, and if it wasn’t for you… I’d probably be unhappy with the look of my avatar.


  2. Love this skin cant wait for other tones
    and Omg Danika! Your gorgeous! :O especcially for a week old avi!

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