Runny Mascara

Iris Ophelia - Runny Mascara

Iris Ophelia has released these 5 Viewer 2.0 Runny Mascara Tattoos, they’re only available on XStreetSL, so click the link to purchase there. I have no idea why, I just love taking a pretty skin and throwing on messy makeups and other things. I like… regular makeups, dramatic makeups, stickers, blood, cuts, bruises, band-aids, etc. Creators of SL, make some!!! 🙂

Bare Rose

Kookie has just released these Nyox boots; they come with the regular version (with invisiprims) and also an alpha version. These boots are gorgeous, check out the close-up! I think they go perfectly well with my favorite Bare Rose White Mist outfit.

Kookie - Nyox Boots

Kookie – Nyox Boots in Stone | Noir

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  1. Hey, Gogo! The first link isn’t working 🙂

    Love the outfit, but hasn’t it got any “closed” jacket option? Don’t wanna show my boobies.

  2. Is it just me, or has Bare Rose recently had a real upswing in quality stuff lately? I’ve always loved their costume stuff, but their casual line’s pretty nice, especially for the price.

  3. Hey has kookie actually released these shoes I can’t seem to find them in her store… This look is amazing.

  4. Thanks for the eyeliner tattoo info. I’ve been looking for stuff like this, and am surprised it hasn’t made a bigger splash yet. Any info on the best places to get eye makeup tattoos?

  5. I went looking for those boots to and i couldn’t find them either i want them so bad!! LOL.

  6. Ack kookie is gonna run me dry XD I just got the Enya boots now I am gonna get these. Well hopefully I can find them when I got today 😀

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