So Kyoot

my house, work in progress

About a month ago, I purchased the VDR Island Cottage; it was fully furnished but I wanted a more personal look so I am slowly re-furnishing every room. So far…. I have done the office, kitchen, and this cute little sitting area.

I love the Kyoot Home Silhouette Photo Tree! It’s 33 prims so maybe not for the prim-conscious but it definitely fills a wall nicely and can take the place of a bookshelf or fireplace.

Items seen here:

Kyoot Home – Silhouette Photo Tree I
Kyoot Home – group gift Drawer Set
{what next} Pretty-in-Pink Armchair
The Loft- (LP)- Window Shades (discontinued)

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  1. Very pretty 🙂 Time for me to run down to Kyoot again, I got a really cute dress from there a while ago

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