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Art of War, Tres Blah

art of war

I fell in love with the tattoo layer from day one. I just knew it would allow for awesome customizations that were not possible before on some of my favorite skins. When Linden Lab added five more layers to everything, I went a lil nuts. Yes I adore my tattoo brows, lipstick, makeups, teeth, face paints, etc! Bring it on, designers.

art of war

I’m wearing a pack of Face Paints I picked up from Tres Blah (Tableau location) this morning. I’ll admit it, I tried on the skins but I’m not really into hand drawn skins (maybe some day), but if you like that look the TB skins are nice. I did however notice these gorgeously irresistible Face Paints (set of 6) and scooped them up along with a pack of Nail Polish (set of 20).

A few of the face paints also included some lipgloss, but I covered that up by wearing a lipstick layer above the face paint. I can’t tell you how happy I am that the new Audrey lipsticks (from Tuli’s soon-to-be released skin) works beautifully with the Laqroki Pearl skin I’m wearing here. I think that it will not work on all tones, but I picked a tone from Tuli that matched best with the Laq skin.

art of war

Btw, I know it’s sweltering in the States, but my friends from Aus/NZ say they are freezing cold…… so this outfit is fro you!

What I’m Wearing:

69 – MOA 02 (Light Mocha)
Laqroki – Pearl (Fair) Glow Skin
Tuli – Audrey (t1) – Light 2 matte
UnToneQuilt – Cotton Linen leggings (Charcoal)
UnToneQuilt – Cotton Linen Turtle (Charcoal)
Tres Blah – Nail Colour (Red)
Tres Blah – Face Paints
ANEXX – KnitLegWarmers_Flats (Gray Nordic)

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  1. Vianne Bellic

    Those naked calves make me shiver!!!
    Personally, SL’s saving grace this year, for me, is the ugg boots (correction, ‘moccasins’) at the Gisaci Warehouse sale, so far this month I’ve barely taken my feet out of my RL pair of them!

  2. Graelwyn

    Totally adore those face paints, so much so that I rushed and grabbed them (although I had to re-read as I missed the part about them being at the Tableau location lol.

    The tattoo layer is a Godsend as I generally like natural looking skins, but love to be able to add a fantasy element when I choose to.

  3. XXX

    i really do love your blog! but handdrawn skins are amazing, they are my favorite because they are more like ‘true drawn, with effort’ instead of resources and anyway love the facepaint!

  4. Ayami Imako

    5 more layers to what what? That must only be on 2.0 .. Imprudence only has the one tattoo layer. Not that I’m complaining hehe, it has the proper good 1.23 interface. Would be nice to be able to wear teeth with my tattoos and makeup though yep yep.

  5. Lyndz Lumley

    Ohhh I sooo adore your blog, im a daily stalker!! When i saw the face paints I had to run out and grab my own!! here is a pic :)) thanks for having great pixel fashion sense haha!

  6. Elina R

    Yeah, Brazil is freeeezing too!
    And 69’s hair looks gorgeous on you, Gogo! I love how it frames your face!

  7. innocence

    ok i tried looking up that sweat outfit and cant find it – you have a landmark for that?

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