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Boy Gogo Meets Gogo

Boy Gogo meets Gogo

I can’t remember the last time I logged on my boy av — it was maybe over a year and a half ago? Yea, he’s pretty old 😛

I have been getting lots of feedback from my guy friends, so this is Boy av version 20!!!! Thanks you guys for making me feel TINY. I passed my shape to Davo, and he said it was too small, it made him feel like a teenage boy.  So I promised I would beef my av up. When Fricker let me try on his shape, I realized that my boy av was definitely not the “average Sl male” desired size.

Sooooo this is Boy Gogo version 20 (hi, I tweak a lot!).

Also a big huge thanks to Bronson Twine, for keeping a man blog. I was able to go shop pretty quickly for boy things. I found a lot of cheap stuff at Ronsem and a great tank top at T.Whore.

P.S. Did I mention how much I love SACRED SKINS? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Jason (Cocoa)
Sacred – smoother Ethan Tone 3 shaved hair 1
T.Whore – Tank Top Boy Dirty White
Ronsem – Military Belt
Ronsem – Boxer Briefs (Gray)
Ronsem – Skinny (Olive Drab)
Ronsem – Slip-on

Yes I went a little crazy at Ronsem!

on Gogo:

Analog Dog – Dive (Cafe)
Laqroki – Pearl [Fair] Skin
Laqroki Black Brows (tattoo)
Edelweiss – Cecilia Dress

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  1. Marianne Little

    Height is so important for men. Sigh, do all have to set height to 100?
    Also, sometimes I think I am the only one who prefer a swimmer body instead of a triangular torso. *sad face* I had my boy alt on, and I had found a nice couples pose. I had to beef up his shoulders from around 50 to 75, just so his hand should touch my waist, not get buried in it.

  2. Sedge Weyland

    His arms are huge. O_o

    Admittedly, I don’t like guys in SL as teeny as say, Ugly Duck’s avas in her adverts, but my guy av is definitely on the less beefy side, even compared to yours.

  3. Lashy

    My boy alt pwns your boy alt.

    I hope you’re also taking advice from the femmes to help tweak the shape. Just getting guy opinions will always result in “not manly enough like me” comments. 😛

  4. Cajun

    Wow, that Irregular Guy blog from Bronson is awesome! Great link.

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