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Cheap Makeup

tattoo makeup

Original skin & Cheap Makeup add-on 1 | 2 | 3

I am begging skin creators, or anybody with a passion for makeup to do some more shadows and blushes!! I’ve been mixing and matching stuff from various creators and I really enjoy that even though everything is available for sale to everyone, I have more control over my avatar’s skin via tattoo layers.

As you can see, the skin I am wearing has no eye makeup but by using the tattoo layers from Cheap Makeup, I can create new looks that costs next to nothing. Btw, Cheap Makeup is the brand, but I do think that makeups should be inexpensive and fun! 🙂

If you’re talented and thinking of creating some, here’s my one suggestion: do not put eyeshadow and lipstick on the same layer! They *rarely* ever work together and it won’t be versatile with most skins. I would prefer lipsticks, shadows, and blush all on different layers and also, please provide demos.

Visit Cheap Makeup @ Gatcha Gatcha if you want to score these tattoo layers.

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  1. Aemeth

    Sounds like something I should take up doing.

  2. Lehane

    Pretty makeups! Also, can I ask where are your eyes from?? They look so real! 🙂

  3. Kira Zobel

    I don’t make skins, however I’m starting to get into making various make-ups because it’s something I find much more fun to do. 🙂

  4. Anon123

    the whore mansion(is a store) recently released pretty eye makeups,havent tried them yet(broke :P),though they look promising..
    i wish creators would come up with more lip various shades and finishes..yet to find a nice one.

  5. Megz

    Glamorize came out with 3 sets (you can find them on xstreet or in world) of dramatic, funky ones…and CHEAP! Something like L$10-L$12 for each set of 10. Definitely worth picking up in my opinion. No I am not affiliated with Glamorize in any way 😉

  6. Par1s Breen

    I Made A Few I Can Send Ya Them If You want?

    And I Totally Agree with Megz Glamorize is pretty great


  7. Antimony Battery

    Thanks to Megz comment, I made a trip down to Glamorize myself. The eye makeups are *fabulous* but I was also impressed with the “Shimmerkiss” lipsticks. I thought they worked pretty darn well with the Gala April Pure skin I was wearing, which was great, because it had exactly the right russety-dark-red I was looking for just then. The creator was there too, and we had a chat. I admired her “makeup for the masses” enthusiasm! Her stuff is too affordable to pass up.

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