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Count the Hours

Djinn & Tonic

Welcome to the cutest cabin in SL! I feel terrible for you guys who didn’t get a chance to join the Djinn & Tonic subscribo, because yesterday’s group gift is so darn cute! I wanted to blog it yesterday, but I ended up obsessing over the House & Garden hunt, and then… didn’t really do much else. It was Sunday!

Luckily, this fully furnished Count the Hours home is available for purchase at the .44 Caliber Mainstore. I think the brand is Djinn & Tonic [Home] and it is Babyhoney Bailey’s newest addition to her current brand, Djinn & Tonic. I get confused easily when one person has too many brands, but I think they all belong to Bho, so if you can’t locate it (I couldn’t, but then again, I get lost easily), just send Bho a message.

Djinn & Tonic

The cabin may be small in size, but it packed with decor and cozy places to sit. The prim count is 225, but you can always add/remove things. Everything is copy/mod.

Djinn & Tonic

My favorite pose built into the loft area. This is a great pose for when I’m zoning out in SL!

Djinn & Tonic

I’m a picture whore sooooooo….. here’s one last picture!

Aranel Ah (of BOOM) sent me a Shark Week t-shirt. She’s a t-shirt making machine. Isn’t it adorable? And timely. Rawrrrrrrrrrr, go shopping!

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  1. JenniferD

    I hate to ask the obvious, but do you know if the shark week Tee will be offered to everyone?

    • Aranel

      Hey Jennifer, it is available to everyone at the entrance of the *BOOM* main store.

  2. LisaMun Aronowicz

    Hi Gogo, I love your blog and I have had it linked to my blog for awhile now, could you also link mine to yours please? Thank you!! :-))))

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