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Fashion News you might care about

Armidi is back! You can read all about it at site. For those of you who are newly rezzed, the Armidi designers are alts of previous designers in SL.

  • London Armidi = (Armidi)
  • Adian Armidi = (Armidi)
  • Juju Armidi = Julliette Westerburg (Tres Blah)
  • Hudsen Armidi = Emma Gilmour (Surf Co)

I guess we’ll be seeing lots more Armidi newness in the coming months…. do I smell a Winter collection?

Also, Friday announced recently that they will be focusing on releasing more clothing and accessories and less hair and we now know why! Rumor has it that Parvarti Monday is Elikapeka Tiramisu (of ETD), so now that Parvati is scaling back hair releases, welcome back Elika (again)!

The ETD sim is gone from the grid but there is a new Elikatira sim. Fans of ETD will be happy to know this! I wonder if we’ll be seeing new textures and more sculpted styles at the new Elikatira sim?

Speaking of hair, Truth has pulled out of Hair Fair. Sadness! This year’s theme is kept a secret, even from the designers so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s worth the wait.

/Edit/ I had originally posted that London and Adian Armidi are alts of previous designers but I am told that they are in fact original Armidi accounts and not connected to any previous designer accounts. So there you have it! 🙂

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  1. Elle Couerblanc


  2. barb


    • Gogo

      oops edit

  3. Grazia

    wait a sec.. if London and Aidan are not the alts of Nicole David and Lola Marquez (can’t remember the 3rd creator of the original Elephant Outfitters brand)… then what happened to them… they were the founders of Armidi…..

    • Gogo

      hey Grazia! I originally listed Nicole David and Liam Oliver, but i had totally forgotten about Lola Marquez! Well, London Armidi contacted me about my post to say that London Armidi and Adian Armidi are “not alts” but original accounts. So yeah, I revised my post but it’s all still a mystery. If I do remember correctly, when Armidi launched, it was announced that Nicole, Lola, (and Liam?) were all Armdis.

  4. Delila

    So is Armidi selling anything new yet, or just announcing their return?

  5. Grazia

    Gogo… the original 2007 hair fair sensation bombshell & Law hairs were made by Nicole, Liam and Lola and yes, they were back then, the base of Armidi. So either they had themselves bought out… but then why do they still have armidi/warehouse groups in their profiles? The warehouse group is fairly recent, so that means those accounts are still being logged into anyway. Oh well… their life, their imagination… SL by dissociation?

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