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Hi SL! You may have heard about a “big launch” on Exodi today, for two brands – Exodi and Woe.

I’m conflicted about featuring WoE items, since I’m actually unwelcomed at this event (see: Banned from Exodi) but I’ll make an exception for Dick. 😛

I’m wearing the Old Flowered Ribbed Tank (in Yellow and Red) and also the Graecyn Short jean Shorts (in Bronze). I gotta say, the Graecyn shorts looks great on my ass, I might wear it often! If you like the dirrrty girl look, with colorful paint splatters and extra worn denim visit Woe!


I’ve been telling my friends that I want to feature less skins and not be known as the “skin blogger” but more like, the everything juicy fashion blogger. I’ve always been a big fan of LeLutka skins but also an equally big fan of the hairstyles, which they don’t release often enough! The two new soon-to-be released hairstyles are called Amanda and Amanda 2, it should be available at LeLutka this weekend *crosses fingers*!

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  1. Lia

    Those hairs are immense. I haven’t been too fond of recent Lelutka hair releases, but these are beautiful. You look adorable and hot at the same time.
    I actually love coming here to read skin reviews, because you’re always honest. I might not always be bothered about certain flaws you point out, but at least I have the option of being bothered, if that makes sense. I don’t look that closely at skins, particularly when demoing, so it’s nice to have you do that for me. Oh wow, I’m lazy. 😀 Really though, I think you have a good sort of ratio. I’ve never thought of you as strictly a ‘skin blogger’ but it is one of the major reasons I come here. To see the pretty.
    Keep up the good work anyhow.

  2. Dani

    Cute outfit and you are the better person for taking the high road and keeping it all about the fashion =)

  3. Delila

    I love you as a skin blogger. Too many others squee over skins that look terrible on them from designers who will be gone soon, and don’t take the time to compare skin generations or other variables. Don’t knock what you’re awesome at!

  4. Ryker Beck

    Actually – out of respect for Dick’s brand and his joining my sim – I cleared the ban list. I do not intend to deny him traffic, publicity or relationships based on my own passed conflicts. So if you’d like to come, you are more than welcome.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Loki Septimus

    I’m quite a fan of LeLutka. I recently bought the Lola skin simply because I couldn’t find a superior Viewer 2.0 lipgloss/stick (not anywhere!). The hair I’ve always been quite fond of (particularly Pompai), even if some of the newer releases look like they’ve been doused in hairspray — the look still works, and the shades and tones never fail to impress.

    In all sincerity, I’ve never come across a blogger who’s willing to take a skin and rip it apart professionally, as Gogo does. Most just take the snap, list what they’re wearing and go about their slife. This is probably why Gogo is known as the ‘skin blogger’ since she’s one of the rare people who will pay attention to those details and make it public.

    So, consider this a ‘thank you’ for your honesty. You’ve probably saved a lot of people a lot of lindens!


  6. Lassarina

    I just bought the Graecyn Jeans from Woe and i have to say i hate them. From the display you cant tell they are low rise and they are MUCH lower than any other low rise jeans i have, so if you like half your ass hanging out then i guess they are nice, detailing and pattern are good, but the cut just doesnt cover enough.

  7. vic

    you do not bloqg too many skins,you just do too many lelutka skins!

  8. Natasha

    Hi, I found your blog a month ago and since then make a point of checking it everyday, I learned more about silly things in sl true here then in a year in sl. What seems silly ,but i just never stopped to think about it before. Your blog made me look at sl fashion in a different way. Now I try to play with layers and make outfits like i would in rl not just short sexy skirts. I’m starting my own blog , but is directed to ppl like me, that are not experts in editing , just showing ppl ,if they are interested, in clothes that fit well or are easy to edit. Thank you for all the information you provide and just keep writting , you are providing a great service for ppl like me for sure .Congratulations on your blog is great:)
    Sorry for the bad english:( is not my first language.

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