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Imabee Serene Skins

Do you know that people who always gives glowing feedback to everything by saying it’s so nice, I love it <3<3, stunning, awesome, great work! <- those people, everyone thinks they’re nice people. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a nice person if I see the potential in something, but then I also can’t help but point out the things that are not so nice, not so awesome, and potentially could be hurting their brand.

Imabee is one of these skin brands that I think has potential, but there are some things that definitely needs work (in my opinion) so I hesitated to review it for a long time. I guess I didn’t want to offend, since my not-so-glowing reviews in the past (of other brands) have resulted in nothing but grief.

First, I’ll tell you the things that I think are wonderful about these skins. The new Imabee Serene skins have 6 makeups total and 3 brow choices, 10 lipstick tattoo layers and cleavage option. The makeups are stunning, and the options are enough to satisfy even the pickiest skin whore shopper.



Imabee – Serene (Stem tone)


Imabee -Brows – Red, Light, Dark


Imabee – Body

Now onto the things that have prevented me from being interested in these skins. This may or may not be a problem for some shoppers, but it is for me. I think this is a bad move to make it harder for shoppers to view your skin in its entirety. Please stamp a demo somewhere on the body, but don’t punish your potential customers this way.



Imabee – Serene (Apical, Petal, Stem tone)

Also, this is one of the downsides of social networking… Imabee creator, Brebndon Papp is on my Plurk timeline. Whenever I have seen previews of this skin in the past, I’ve always thought the tone was so goth (pale) looking.  I guess I’m not a fan of tones that are not fleshy. I think that Stem is perfect, but in the past all the previews I’ve seen were in Apical or Petal tone. I didn’t love it at first sight.. it didn’t inspire me to demo them.

Well, that’s my review. I hope I haven’t offended anyone and I really think this brand has potential if some improvements are made.

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  1. kesseret

    If you think they have absolute potential then constructive criticism is important. This is constructive criticism. And I agree, the Stem tone is absolutely gorgeous and I am not a fan of the lighter skintones myself to even test drive.

  2. Elle Couerblanc

    I’m really happy you did this review – it says a lot about your credibility as a skin blogger. I too was a bit disheartened by the overly ashy tones but i felt the face was uber cute. I love the new Stem tone. Now I must demo!

  3. Beulah Mills

    great review, the stem tone is as light as I would ever dream wearing. hope the creator reads this and has a think about the feedback

  4. Sedge Weyland

    Meanwhile, I like me some pale ashy skins occasionally, so the super pale skin is in my wardrobe’s wheelhouse. I do agree that the demo was annoying though. I like to make sure the body and face tones match up nicely (I’ve had skins before where the skin seemed to be from a totally different person between the hand and the face), and that there are no seams where they join.

    I did pick up the Drunken Cheerleader skin this weekend, and love it, though. 🙂

  5. Caterina Canning

    Am i being an idiot and not seeing them, or are these skins not out yet? i used the slurl from the post, and i dont see them anywhere in the main store?

    Feel free to call me a fool if im just missing the blindingly obvious place they are in…

  6. Tessa

    They are horrible!Son horribles! 😮

  7. Ann Launay

    Don’t discourage people from making pale skintones, Gogo! Meanie! :-p

  8. Etana Vella

    I think her makeups are fresh, and beautiful. The demo’s would bother me too, and I would feel turned off. I think writing demo in places is a better option. I do tend to like darker skin tones as well. I believe there is a lot of potential here as well, and I love the fact she offers the makeup tattoos for lipstick. That’s pretty cool.

  9. SerenD

    I adore the “Lucy” line of the Imabee skins and I like the option of paler tones shown in the new Serene line (group notices say it will be in the store tomorrow – Aug 24th). My one comment would be that the shading below the breasts is a tad dark (on the Lucy line, I have not seen Serene yet). Otherwise, it’s a creative and pretty skin; I look forward to seeing the new line and more to come from this designer. Thanks for reviewing it, Gogo!

  10. Delila

    The demos are what turned me off a while back. It would actually be easier to rip this skin than one with “demo” on it. The only thing those demo’s prohibit is buyers from seeing the full skin, together, as it would appear on them. I want to be able to see the entire thing at once – after all, that is what I am buying. Not a head or a body.

  11. Ayami Imako

    I for one love the way you review things. I do the same thing when I review things I buy on Xstreet .. no matter how much I like it, even if I give it five stars, I will always point out the things I don’t like. Not to be mean, but I honestly want to help both the seller improve their products, and other buyers from getting surprised by something.

    The demo thing on this is weird, and yeah I can see what you mean about it. Though I often have trouble with demos, especially the ones that put ‘demo’ in tiny print all over the skin like a hex pattern. I understand the reason for it, but it often tricks your perception of the skin tone and I usually find myself getting skins that are darker then I like cause of it. Imabee’s skins never really appealed to me, they are nicely made but I classify them as ‘cherub’ skins along the line of Curio and a few others. They just look to … ‘cute’ (purely my opinion). I like more adult “harder” looking skins. My current faves are Dutch Touch, Taylor from League, and Audri from Atomic (my current favorite).

  12. moniq salamander

    I’ve always been a fan of tan/darker skins, but when I think about very light/pale tones, my fav is Imabee. I’m also a fan of skins that make my av look a bit older, but i love the “cute” make-up of Serene 🙂 That demo thing is a turn-off, though…

  13. brendonPapp

    Thank you for the review so much Gogo. It’s awesome 🙂 I appreciate your honesty.
    About the demos, this time I made them without white body nor head. If I’ll have time I’ll fix my previous lines as well.
    By the way, the skin is out, to whoever was in the store yesterday and didnt see it.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  14. Jo

    What makes you a skin perfectionist? get a life, i think the skins are beautiful

    • Gogo

      If you like it, buy it 🙂

    • Milla

      How about you get a life and stop being a griefer.

      • Kira

        Nobody’s asking you to read this blog. 😉

  15. Ruby Sinclair

    I’m glad you made this post. I hope it helps creators to consider what customers really want. These skins look decent, they are getting better, but the way the demo is or was, wasn’t good marketing. I didn’t even wait for the face to rez on myself with the demo that way. I will try them again 🙂

  16. Trin

    well the makeups are lovely, i like pale skins but they are a little too pale.I love that hair tho, is it truth?

    • Ann Launay

      Have you demoed them though? I haven’t yet, but the pics on Gogo’s blog generally look lighter than the skins do to me in-world due to (I assume) different WL settings.

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