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Laqroki Tess 2 Skin

Laqroki - Tess 2

Some time back in early August, I said I wouldn’t blog any skins for an entire month, so I could dedicate some of my blog posts to all the other wonderful things in SL — like shoes? clothes? aos? things I don’t normally cover enough of! Obviously couldn’t resist the lure of new skins so I have covered skins numerous of times this month.

Let’s just say I love skins. Every new skin is like unwrapping a surprise gift and trying it on and like magic, a lovely new face emerges.

Laqroki - Tess 2

Laqroki - Tess 2

These new Laqroki Tess 2 skins have thicker Dark Brown brows, but I am wearing a Blonde brows (tattoo) over it for my review. I think the lighter brows adds to the youthful look of this face, it’s so pretty.

Laqroki - Tess 2

Laqroki – Tess | Original Brows | with Blonde brows tattoo

These makeups are so pretty I wish I had them on all my other skins!

Laqroki - Tess 2

Laqroki - Tess 2

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  1. Gasolinealex Serevi

    Beautiful! This skin is great on you!

  2. shayne

    The skin is beautiful, but where is the hair, eyes and lashes from please? seems not many bloggers actually say where there eyes are from and they deserve a review also 🙂

    • Lil

      The hair is Scarlett.2 by Fri.Day 😉

  3. Beulah Mills

    I always think you look best in this brand more than any other

  4. sylvan

    Some faces just look better with softer brows. I like the use of the blonde brow. Is that from Laq’s set for blonde?

    • Gogo

      Yes it is! 🙂

      • Malakina

        hey… which shape you use in all of your examples? =)

        • Malakina

          and where are the eyes from? *_*

          • Gogo

            I don’t typically share this info, but I have blogged eyes you can use my search bar to find ’em.

        • Gogo

          My own

  5. Natalie Montagne

    Hi 🙂 I love your blog and read it all the time. I already have it listed on my blogroll and would love to take you up on your offer to list mine on yours 😀 Thank you so much in advance!

  6. Miah McAuley

    very soft face..mmm

  7. JeanGenie

    awww first skin in 2007!

  8. Baby Shortbread

    I love these skins! I just tried on the demos with the paler brows and it’s a must buy. I’m hooked!

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