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Little Tasta, Alirium

Little Tasta

Alirium is a gorgeous place, it was worth the dozens of crashes I suffered to snap this photograph. I really wanted to have shadows enabled for this picture but SL was just not cooperating with me.

I saw this gorgeous Jungle Blossoms outfit from Little Tasta on Elle’s blog and I really wanted it for myself. This may be geared towards Gorean fashion but I think that anyone can wear this, for all types of outdoorsy looks… Um.. Cute jungle girl? Island style? Natural and environmentally friendly bikini? There’s so much potential here. I tried on a few other outfits from Litte Tasta and I really dig this shop.

Little Tasta

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Kylie (Champagne)
Little Tasta – Jungle Blossoms Green

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  1. Fauna Florian

    Oooh I love it! Thank you for posting this Gogo, I might have to go and get myself one of those gorgeous ‘kini’s now.. ^_^

  2. Keira Seerose

    Beautiful Shots G, well done!

  3. Elle Couerblanc

    You would make a great Panther girl!!!!!!

  4. selenelily

    Love this outfit….will add fairy wings to it.

  5. Shy

    It seems the shop has moved.. any ideas on where to?

  6. Sunspark

    Shy, Little Tasta has closed for now, but she is going to be co-designing with Haven Designs ‘soon’. The creator’s name is Etana Vella and she’s very nice :), so keep an eye out.

  7. Etana Vella

    Hey! Yes the shop is closed for now for a lot of reasons I won’t discuss here. I will soon be co-designing with Haven Designs, and the items I sold before will be there along with new ones!! If you are wanting some items, you can IM me, and I’ll be glad to help you find them until they’re back up in a store! Thanks!

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