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Love Soul Hair

Love Soul

Love Soul has just released two new hairstyles! I really like this White Blonde hair texture, it’s like Barbie hair!! The style 52 has a color changing hair bow and two different bangs style. The style 53 has a color changing hat. Why doesn’t Love Soul give actual names to their hairstyles? Also, all the hairstyles are no mod but includes a resize script. Demo before you buy.

booty shorts

OK SL’ers, I need you! I have a pair of denim booty shorts, but they’re really old. They’re not for sale anymore so I don’t really want to wear ’em on my blog. Do you know of any shops in SL that has shorts like these on sale? Yes I like it short shorts, even if it shows a lil ass cheeks that’s ok. I am not looking for any shorts that are longer than the ones above, since I already have tons of conservative shorts. I want similar to these shorts above! HELP ME SL!! If you leave a slurl, shop name and link to a picture in the comments, I will really appreciate it!

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  1. Tristen Mistwood

    League has some shorts like that.

    I don’t have a link for a picture but the only real difference between the one you have on and the league ones is a little pattern on the back pockets and the League ones have the front pockets hanging out of the bottom of the front. It’s actually a really cute little detail.

  2. SeleneLily Galicia

    Booty shorts…League

  3. Savannah Humphreys

    I have a friend who only sells on Xstreet/Marketplace. She made these awesome short shorts in blue and black but hasn’t yet set them up for sale on the site. They’re dang cute and nice and short. I took a pic of the ones I bought from her; you can see it here:

    IM Bugsy Braveheart if you want to purchase them. She’ll give you a good deal on the set. And if you do decide to IM her, kick her in the butt and tell her to list them already! 🙂

  4. Ayami Imako

    Yep I’d concur on the League recommendation .. heres a link to her Flickr page if you want a preview, they come in a few colors and designs …

    I usually wear ones from Worldwide Industries, or Suicidal Unborn .. but I suspect if you want a look similar to the ones you have they are probably to short for you. I tend to go for the butt floss look. >.<

  5. Lucy Darkwatch

    League has nice ones, but Emjay has really cute ones in various styles and colors, quite inexpensive as well.

  6. Sway Schism

    Tres Blah actually released a super cute pair not long ago.

    If you’re going for raw value, check out the jeans at The Plastik. For ~L$200, you’ll get a full set of jeans: basic jeans, ripped jeans (with digigrade and regular prim bottoms), capris (with rolled prim parts), mini skirt, and jean cut-offs (which are booty short style like you specified). Definitely can’t beat that!

  7. jezebel frenzy

    I believe I saw something similar at Maitreya yesterday.

  8. Jacob

    Larry Jeans –

    Very nice jean shorts and mens and womens jeans

  9. Antimony Battery

    Ditto on the League “Booty Shorts”, but you also might want to check out the “Cootchie Cutters” at Worldwide Industries.

  10. Aranel

    I’m sort of partial to those shorts that Doppleganger released recently for FLF. They are pretty much a perfect length. Not too coochie cutting.

  11. Elise Petrov

    Hi! The top you have on in this post, where is it from? Is it Last Call?

    • Gogo

      hi Elise, this top is from Truth 🙂

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