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Pink Fuel – Amaterasu

TP to The Circle Project; it’s out now!!!!

Pink Fuel - Amaterasu

This Pink Fuel Amaterasu skin is a limited edition created for The Circle Project. It is anime-inspired and that’s paint (not blood) drawn on the skin itself. I have no idea where it is cos TCP has not started yet but I will update this post with a SLURL when I get it! 🙂

Pink Fuel - Amaterasu

What I’m Wearing:

Kin – Blossom (White)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Milk) Amaterasu (ltbrow)
Bare Rose – Shengkai (Blue)
HUB – Venus Sandals (White Pearl)

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    …I need this skin. badly.

  2. sylvan

    Around a week ago I got myself into The Circle Project when I wasn’t s’posed to. Thinking it was SL acting up I kept trying to get in until I succeeded. No, it wasn’t SL. It’s not open yet. *quietly chuckles* I think we’ll see things happening in a month but I’m having a brainfart.

  3. Ayami Imako

    *Sqweeees* Yay! I have been trying to make myself a skin like this using Elloh skins for a while now. Now I can put my lame skill away and buy one from someone who knows what they are doing. Waaaay excited!

  4. TheShadow99

    I’d love the face make-up as tattoo layers more than as a skin…. With maybe different colors….

  5. Ayami Imako

    Its actually available now. I have it .. SURL is .

  6. Tristen Mistwood

    those lips are just….epic!

  7. KittyArcher Selona

    Oh darn, missed it 🙁

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