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POSEUR brings you the latest group pose inspired by a recent magazine cover featuring stars of a very popular tv show. We have decided that instead of blood, we are releasing this pose with tintable body paint. If you want to tint it Red for that blood effect you can, or wear it as sexy and colorful body paint.

Body paint is included in the group pose pack but you can also purchase just the paint for personal use.

1024_Trooblad Paint t

TROOBLAD – Paint (this is transferable)

No copy version is available ONLY with purchase of the pose set.

1024_Trooblad Paint

TROOBLAD – Paint (this is copy/mod)

Visit POSEUR main store or POSEUR @ Juicy

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  1. Sailor Violet

    Oooooh, love this paint! Awesome idea. =3

  2. Jill Placebo

    That’s an awesome idea, seems that the rl serie is getting famous 🙂
    The pose is really well done, too bad they didn’t made the blood layer too >.>

  3. Rysor

    I have started a SL Fashion blog for guys, I would love to have my link on your site. I am adding yours as soon as I send this message. Ladies, feel free to take a look and hopefully you can get some ideas for your men.

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