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Project: Boy av

boy av

Recently a new male skin store launched, and I’m totally smitten with the skins even though I can’t wear it on my female shape! I made a brand new boy shape to try it out and I really like it!

The skin I am wearing is from Sacred, and it is a free gift. All you have to do is click on one of the yellow bin things and answer a question, and it’s yours šŸ™‚

I’m test-driving this for awhile to see if I like it enough to purchase it for my boy av. I’m pretty excited about this, since the last skin I purchased was a male Redgrave one.

Making a boy is A LOT harder than it looooooks! Big props to all the nice looking male avatars out there. I am so used to adjusting my sliders for Gogo, that any av I make, male or female, tends to look like just another version of me. Wups.

Thank you to my friends for all the tips though, hopefully my boy av will start shaping up nicely and not look like Gogo’s brother, lmao.Ā  For now, I am raiding my own closet until I purchase real boy clothes!

Visit Sacred Skins!

*note: The free skin has a band-aid, the skins that are for sale do not.

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    Guy avs are pretty tough to make, yeah. Most of the hunt stuff I get is for girls, the skins, the clothes, the shoes – there’s not as many (nice) freebies for guys just starting out, either. I’d say out of the 22K+ items in my inventory, probably only 1K are dedicated guy things. While I can wear a lot of my guy stuff, including hair, as a girl, there’s very little that can cross over when I’m wearing my male shape. Also, guy shapes are a bit difficult, they tend to all look like they have heads that are too small no matter what you do.

  2. Marianne Little

    I don’t know if it would be bad to have him look like Gogo’s brother. It’s way too many guys with shoulders 100 and head 35 out there already, with free “biker” hair and some low quality leather outfit! Is that sexy? Not at all.
    I am sure you will give boy alt a more lean shape, and never humiliate him with “biker” hair…. Ewwww!!!!

    • Sedge Weyland

      Tiny heads with huge shoulders make me cry a little, every time.

      In non-crying news, much thanks for linking to this store. I liked the free skin so much I ended up buying another.

    • Lil

      Amen to that.

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