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I’m famous! Check out this video, my blog can be seen @ 2:25! LOL Second Life, there is entirely too much bitching about fashion blogs lately. If you like it, read it. If you don’t, there are 1000+ other blogs out there!

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    I saw my blog pictures in there a few times as well. Not sure if that’s good or not. LOL

  2. Lila Corith

    It’s nice being lumped into an overall label by a squeaky-voiced (and yes, I can tell beyond the voice affect) know-it-all, eh? Fashion blogs… heck ANY subject of blog is insanely easy to avoid. We’re at least using creativity to showcase the works of talented people in SL rather than just be boring and whiny about something innocuous. WOSL… pot, meet kettle!

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