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Truth – Evangeline | Saffron | Seraphina

You may have heard about Truth’s big hair sale that runs from August 19th – September 3rd. More info can be seen @ Be patient everyone, there’s two full sims to shop at, the “lag” is manageable if you go when it’s not quite so busy.

Visit Truth Hair or Truth Hair II for the sale and this week’s new releases!

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  1. Leni

    It feels like everywhere I love is having sales atm; TRUTH, Maitreya, Dutch Touch skins, Lelutka skins, EMERY.
    People should get demoes from TRUTH on xstreet before heading to the sim, saves a lot of time and lag.

    Thanks for the public service, Gogo. I hope people listen.

  2. Blair

    Truth, Armidi, Maitreya, and sales ^^ Now that’s a great summer lol

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