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Magic Nook, Zaara

Sad news! Friday will be releasing hair less frequently and focusing on clothes and accessories after Hair Fair. You can read more about it at the official Friday blog. I am wearing the newly released Raina style in Happy Blond, I love posh updos like this, it’s perfect for so many looks.

The stunning Moon River jewelry set I’m wearing is from Magic Nook. I love that it’s over-sized and comes in a gorgeous Turquoise color.

Magic Nook, Zaara

I couldn’t think of a Turquoise dress to wear with the jewelry so I’m pairing it with Zaara’s Mahari dress which has some Turquoise colored embroidering and goes perfectly with it.

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Raina (Happy Blond)
Laqroki – Pearl 07 [Fair] Glow Skin
Zaara – Mahari (Bloom)
Magic Nook – Moon River Set (Gold/Turquoise)
Zaara – Ilaida Mojri (Fuschia)

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  1. Chalice Carling

    That is just so feminine and pretty. Beautifully styled Gogo.

  2. Leni

    I am all in a fluster.
    Before I flap my arms around theoretically, let me get to the important part and say how sophisticated you look. I love that hairstyle. It’s a shame wont be concentrating on as many hairs. I’m an RPer primarily, and am always look for no fuss hairstyles that are low ARC (which is, unfortunately, where TRUTH just doesn’t cut it).

    I have a problem, Gogo. Can I call you Auntie Gogo; Fashion Fixer? Maybe that title is too long.
    I have recently acquired an alt in order to basically have some quiet time to work in Photoshop. Now I can dress myself initially, and sort my skin out etc, but what I’m pretty bad at is finding poses for AOs. I usually make my own AO with separate poses etc, but the problem is; I’m at a loss as to where to find these poses.
    And I was hoping you could advise me.
    I’m looking for natural poses, especially a set that would move fluidly in sequence. Nothing too dramatic, or poserish. If I go back to RP etc, I need something that states ‘average Jill’ and not ‘hey look at mah bewbs!’

    If you can’t/don’t want to help me, thank you for taking the time to read this blurb anyhow 🙂
    And keep up the good work.

    Perhaps you need a monthly feature where readers seek your advice on specific attachment points/clothing items/SL shenanigans.
    Thanks Gogo.

    • Gogo

      hi Leni! Check out Reel Expressions (normal standing poses) and Sweet Lovely Cute (animated stading/sitting/turning poses), my two favorite shops to get AO poses, though certainly these are not the only ones. I’ve been planning on doing an AO tutorial for quite some time, just… laziness got in the way 🙂

  3. dawnde lane

    hi gogo, i need some help with settings for picture taking with shadows on,
    i have no lag with it on i can walk round just fine, although no eyes :/

    but its not very flattering when taking snaps, i get it either too dark or no shadows when i use my skin preset.. any help u could offer would be great 🙂

  4. Lil

    As much as I love – I think I probably bought the whole hair collection by now – this one doesn’t really cut it for me.
    The front part is very nicely done, but when it comes to the hair knot in the back, I feel as if something was lacking. It doesn’t really look finished to me or at least finished in a hurry. There’s that thick strain of hair wrapping around the knot – can’t help it, I think that’s something you often find on designs by new hair designers who still lack experience to do the details. But I’m expecting better from Fri.Day, because the other styles simply are of better quality. 🙂

  5. Elle Couerblanc

    I really like Pearl on you btw – I think it’s my favorite. 🙂

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