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What is AVIMOTE?


What is AVIMOTE? I asked myself this same question when I stumbled upon it a few days ago. I read the list of features on XStreetSL and watched the video for it and I was SOLD!!!

Have you ever wished you could move a pose just a bit to fit your avatar, rather than resize your avatar to fit? Yeah, that’s how I feel on a daily basis. I am always stumbling across poses that are made for avatars smaller than me, which tends to cause problems with disappearing hands or missing fingers.

See the image above – that’s me posing with one of the poses in my pose stand. Now….. here comes AVIMOTE! and voila, my hand is perfectly positioned again. It only took about 10 seconds to pull the hand forward and do a lil twist.

AVIMOTE also lets you pose yourself any way you want, but I prefer to use it make minor tweaks. Making a pose from scratch in-world is just as time consuming as it is in a poser program.

I know I sound like an AVIMOTE infomercial right now (hey, AVIOMOTE! hire me!!!) but I’m just amazed that I haven’t heard of this HUD before. Is anyone out there using this? Do you love it?

It was $2,450L but I think worth the investment.

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  1. Banana

    Never heard of it, but omg, LOVING!!!

  2. Banana

    and speaking of loving, that hair needs me – wheres it from?

    • Gogo

      hi Banana! it’s from Lelutka, I should blog it soon.. got distracted by shiny new HUD!

  3. Becster

    I have avimote , had it for a while but the best pose maker by far is Anypose .it does what avimote does but 1000 times better .Anypose allows you to make poses in world and save them as a BVH file; or you can save the pose inside the stand or the special pose can even swap poses to other Anypose stands or users, without leaving SL and uploads the same way.
    with Anypose you can rez 9 posestands .Meaning you can pose 9 people all indivdually or all at once and move the stands anywhere you want,great for making group shots or sporting shots .look it up ANYPOSE.if you like Avimote you will love ANYPOSE.

  4. Lizzie Lexington

    Avimote rules! I have a rounder avi than most and avimote has saved me so many times with poses that don’t work with my shape. If you blog regularly I would say 3 plus times a week, it is so worth the investment.

  5. pixie tungl

    Hi, yeah i’ve had this for about 10 months now just after it came out. just waiting for the updates now πŸ˜›

  6. Katalyst

    So many awesome poses, capturing at different angles to hide those little psychic surgeries! $2,450L! I’m just that narci to still get it.

  7. Siddean

    wow impressive stuff! I think I will buy this – it’ll make my pose hoarding worse but.. OH WELL! Look out posemakers, I’m comin’ for yer stuff! πŸ˜€

  8. Myriam Brianna

    Avimote is one of those shiny little tools I had to have, and for a while I played around with its capabilities quite a lot … now I have all but forgotten that I could use it, which may be because I don’t take pictures of moi that often, for lack of a blog or anything*. But it is a great tool for someone who routinely takes photos of their avatar, I’d say, and so for you the investment should indeed be worth it – and yess, Hair! *visits Lelutka*

    *(plus, thanks to a crappy computer, I’m often unable to differentiate between something vanishing for reasons of an abysmal sculpty-LOD or a pose not fitting me perfectly … meh -.-)

  9. Lil

    The description sounds extremely nice so far, still have to watch the video and read through all the comments and discussion. So no matter what permissions and priorities apply to the animation you are running, the HUD will be able to move your limbs? Nice, very nice.
    The not yet released standard version of the tool sounds even better and so does the promise that existing customers will get upgrade offers.
    Very helpful find!

    And Gogo, would you mind sharing your computer specs? I only found a blog post from a while ago saying that you got a new machine, but nothing more. Sorry if I missed it in search… but the detail on the pic in this post is simply amazing and I’d love to know which graphic card comes up with such a great render. Love the way the hair looks… as if you had a real moulded marble sculpture right before you. Awesome effect. πŸ™‚

  10. redsoledrea

    omgah i neeeeed this!!

  11. Lourdes Denimore

    I can’t believe this has been out for awhile and I didn’t know about it. Definately a must have.

    Thanks Gogo for sharing this.

  12. Nedeko

    Hi there!

    I watched now the video: I really like that you can work with this tool ingame BUT it is useless cause you cannot save your work. And that point is the argument for ‘not buying’ it.

    (Maybe I understood it wrong, but comments on xstreet writing the same).

  13. Oriana Kuhr

    My reply is pretty late, but I do have to agree with Becster. I have been using AnyPose for about a year now, and it is the easiest, fastest, most complex yet basic pose maker/adjuster. I use it to make all of my poses, and to make adjustments to purchased poses. The latest HUD not only adjusts your premade poses, it can also let you change between multiple posestands (with other people on them) AND live action, meaning you can pose yourself OR others, without even being near a posestand. It’s VERY worth it, and free updates for life!!!

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