Hair Fair 2010; Shag

Shag hair

Shag – Let Me Kiss You | These Things | Breathe Me (Platinum)

Shag hair launched last year at hair fair, so it’s really great to see that they’re back again this year with even more hairstyles. I really like the Breathe Me style and the fedora hat on the These Things style. The fedora is scripted to change the Band and Hat 5 different colors.

Visit Shag @ Hair Fair

These pictures were taken with shadows enabled but I’m having such a hard time with that lately. It’s so erratic, sometimes I can do it, and sometimes I can’t 🙁

Mother Goose - Josephine

Remember the Mother Goose skins I mentioned a few posts ago? The lure of the fatpack is too strong so I ended up giving away the single I bought to a friend (the skin is sold no copy, transfer) and getting a fatpack! Yay!

Mother Goose - Josephine

This skin is not as realistic as what I normally wear, so I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do!

I am wearing the Fishy Strawberry Tube Dress and Waist Belt in this post, but there’s so much newness and colors available, I’ll have to do a separate blog post.

What I’m Wearing:

Fishy Strawberry – Tube Dress (Bubblegum Pink)
Fishy Strawberry – Waist Belt White

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  1. I love the mother goose skin on you. I tried it on me and it wasnt so hot, the lips were just too big and the face wasnt right :/ (it looked similiar to the ad face and not like it does on you) just goes to show shapes matter a LOT on skins.

  2. Will you be reviewing the new Stiletto Moody skins when they’re released? The previews have a somewhat 2006 look – but hey, that may well be ‘vintage’ now!

  3. That skin looks great on you, Mother Goose skins are cute, but they never look this good on me :/ /me glares at her shape

    And since you don’t let us comment on the post about Fab.Pony, you are completely right. Just because I can’t, say make a movie I still have the right to like or dislike them -.- The creator just can’t take criticism

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