Gos Platform Pumps

Gos - Platform Pumps

Gos - Platform Pumps

These Gos Platform Pumps are hot hot hot! Each colored pair is scripted with the ability to change different components of the pumps to Black or the main color. For example, I could have dual tones if I wanted a Black sole on my Nude pumps or change the Upper part to Black and have a Nude sole.

I like that the pumps are scripted with the ability to hide invisiprims as well, this is a must have on all shoes cos they look better when shadows is enabled.

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  1. These are beautifully made shoes!
    I was given a link to the Gos Black pumps on Xstreet earlier this week (the black pumps are on sale there for 100L) and despite owning more pairs of black shoes than I’ll ever wear I was hugely impressed.

    I *love* having the ability to hide the invisiprim. I don’t have shadows enabled, but invisprims are often very obvious in photographs and a pain to edit out.
    Great post, Gogo!

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