Trin’s Alpha Layer Set Pro

Trins Alpha Layer Set Pro 1.0

Left: my avatar’s head poking through the prim hair | Right: Wearing a head alpha layer to hide the bit poking through

Vasean Talamasca pointed me to this awesome Trin’s Alpha Layer Set Pro on XStreetSL that includes alpha textures to hide system lashes and various body parts. This set is so useful and awesome, so I promised that I would share it with all of you guys.

Trins Alpha Layer Set Pro 1.0

Left: my head | Right: Wearing the alpha layer: I know this looks weird… but it works!

The alpha layer set includes 7 different alpha textures for your head, so you can choose to hide a little or a lot! They also include two types of textures: hide just the head area, or hide the head area & system lashes. As someone who wears prim lashes like it’s my religion, I opted to wear the “hide lashes”  version.

Trins Alpha Layer Set Pro 1.0

Top: Wearing alpha layer to hide system lashes | Bottom: Perfection.. <3 prim lashes!

A hair fitting well after stretching is always best, but some hairstyles do need a little bit of help, especially if the creator’s profile is much shorter than your own. This is a great quick-fix solution, and I’m really thankful that it’s available.

The Trin’s Alpha Layer Set Pro 1.0 is sold full perm with permission to re-distribute but I am urging everyone to buy your own set to support Trin Trevellion and thank her for creating such a wonderful set. It’s 10L!

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  1. It’s pure genius! I’m sure everyone, at one point or another, has been frustrated by how the eyelashes stick out (even though they’re set at ‘0’) when you’re adjusting prim lashes. They made adjusting them a breeze. Sooo awesome! Thanks for letting everyone know about these!

  2. Yeah but wearing this would remove face tattoos or makeup layers or whatever people use, wouldn’t it?

      • Keep in mind that the 5 layers thing is only on viewer 2.0 and the ones that are like it (ie Kirstens). It is currently not in very many 3rd party viewers like phoenix, imprudence etc.

    • Quote: “Yeah but wearing this would remove face tattoos or makeup layers or whatever people use, wouldn’t it?”

      RE: Face tattoos/makeup layers are completely different from Alpha layers. Wearing an Alpha layer will never remove a tattoo layer, skin, t-shirt, shoes, etc. They can be worn simultaneously. In fact, shoe designers who provide alphas expect the shoe base and alpha to be worn together.

      Alphas are simply designed to make parts of the body invisible without the need to encase attachments around invisible-scripted prims. Thus avoiding the clash of these attachments with other textures that use an alpha channel, like what you see when high heels go on alpha’d grass. They take up a category separate from the other articles our avies wear.

      Sorry, I’m a bit anal retentive when it comes to misinformation. I hope this clears things up.

      • Yep you’re totally right! I just doubled check, this is indeed an Alpha layer and can also be worn multiple times as well.

  3. AMEN~

    Adjusting hair size just got a WHOLE lot easier!!!! <3

    Bye bye individual prim shifting!! o

  4. I don’t generally have much trouble with hair, but I am unduly excited by the lash thing.

  5. Where did you get those long, realistic lashes? Love ur blogs, read them religiously! TY

  6. you know how long it takes me to get eyelashes to look good?

    thank you so much..

  7. Hello, i bought the Trins Alpha Layer Set Pro 1.0, can anyone tell me how i add the alpha mask (texture) to the alpha layer? (shirt- in inventory)

    • In your inventory, go to the (+) plus sign and select Add New Alpha; then edit that alpha layer, and put in the lashes texture from Trin’s pack, save it, then wear it 🙂

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