Laqroki – Isabel

Laqroki - Isabel (Fair)

Have you ever tried on a skin and knew it would be “your” skin? I tried on Isabel from Laqroki yesterday morning and I just loved how the new lips and the face works together. I am wearing this skin with Laqroki’s brows tattoo because I like it more than the one on the skin.

Isabel comes with 10 makeups, and hair base option. I am so completely satisfied with this makeup set, there’s a perfect Red lipstick and lots sof nude and pinkish lipsticks to choose from.

Laqroki - Isabel (Fair)

Laqroki - Isabel (Fair)

Laqroki – Isabel (Fair)

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What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Kami (Swedish)
Laqroki – Isabel (Fair) Glow Skin
ORTA – Serena mini in Rose
ORTA – Blake clutches (Ember)
Donna Flora – NAILA necklace & Earrings
SLink – Aveela Stiletto (Herringbone)

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  1. Hi 🙂 I think that this skin is made just for You. 😀
    Hmm… it look like LAQ prepare for makeup tattoos (i hope that) and i see some similar to Lelutka lips. 🙂

  2. you always look at your best in Laq ;)…*.hugs her Claudia whispering…please Laq update her….

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  4. when i was sent the prewiev pic from the news thing i was not amazed at all, i have loved every single remake and new skin so far but on the pic the model looked “used” i am mean something like a new momma that has not had a desent sleep for 56 hours, wich did not appeal to me. BUT you rock that skin and makes it look completely different, the make ups look great, however this time i am keeping my money in my pocket and going by first impression

  5. I like that red lipstick paired with bare eyes makeup. I can’t remmy if she ever got around to making tattoo layers for lipsticks and stuff.

  6. I bought this skin as i liked the demo and thought it would be a change.. after buying it though i am quite disappointed for once.. dont get me wrong i .< (fingers crossed a skin thats a cross between tess2 & elena is out soon!) =)

    • Sorry Thats meant to say ‘dont get me wrong i love LAQ and 90% of there skins are lovely… but its just my opinion >.<

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