Truth Hair

I’m feeling Brunette today, so I went with the Cocoa hair color from Truth. These 3 newly released hairstyles are so adorable and easy to wear.Some of them include Streaked versions and the hair accessories are scripted to change colors.

Truth hair

Truth – Gigi | Diana includes Streaked (Cocoa)

Truth hair

Truth – Sabrina includes Streaked | & Plain version (Cocoa)

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A friend of mine asked me about my tattoo this morning. I’m normally not a tattoo person, but I really like this one because I can’t read it so it just looks cute to me. I’ve only worn a word tattoo maybe once in the past, because it was small and delicate. If this was in English, I probably would think it cheesy. But since it’s in Korean characters (letters?), I find it adorable.

hello thereeee

And to clear up any confusion about my lash tutorial, I am wearing alpha prim lashes (they are two prims, with an alpha lash texture) not the sculpted individual prim lashes. They look hot!

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Isabel 02 (Fair) Glow Skin
Djinn & Tonic (Lingerie ) Leopard Floral Bra (Red)
Skream! – “Saranghaeyo” Tatt
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Black Skinny)

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  1. I’m a half Korean half Japanese Second Life user, and I think the tattoo is super adorable. 😮 I’m tempted to go get it. Never seen any like it ^_^

  2. Zomg, Alpha lashes? I read your tutorial on lashes but did not see anything about Alpha Lashes.

    Where do you get the alpha lashes O_O

    • Prim Alpha Lashes = 2 prims (with alpha texture on it)
      Prim Sculpted or Prim Individual lashes = Each lash hair is a single prim (lots of prims, not alpha texture)
      Texture/Tattoo Lashes = Worn on a tattoo layer (no prims)

  3. Oh, I’d get that Sabrina hair if it wasn’t sideswept. I’m a bangs/fringe girl. 😀 Someday when the viewers have an interface I like I’ll give the new generation another go. Until then I’m still using

  4. Omg!! i love that tatoo jeje and yes is korean Hangul.. and means I LOVE YOU!!! >.< so sweet an cute.. i really!!!! love your pics n_n

  5. hello please what setting you use for the shadows of your photos? my go dark. when you can make a tutorial please dear. ty

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