Old face, new face


LeLutka – Lola | LeLutka – Ava

I thought I would do a comparison of the Lola face with the new Ava face for people who want to see ’em side by side. I think you’ll see noticeable differences, I especially like the eyes and brows on Ava.

As I said in my previous post, I prefer the Lola lips more because they’re more pouty, so I tried on the Lola lipstick tattoo over the new Ava skin and it fits perfectly. If you’re a fan of both lips shape, wear both!

See below, it’s Lola Ava! 😛

Lola, Ava

LeLutka – Ava skin (plus LeLutka Lola lipstick tattoo)

I’m so proud of Project Donate for raising over $11,000USD in such a short time span for charity. This hairstyle I’m wearing is Gemini 2 from Exile; 100% of the proceeds was donated to the PD charity <3 If you missed out on it, you may be able to get it at the Exile store later… or maybe not! Who knows?

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  1. It’s Lova 😀

    I’m not a huge fan of Ava’s lips, I don’t like the blurry style :/ But that’s just me.

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