Exile Birthday Celebration


Seven new styles from Exile! Four are new releases and two were previously released at The Dressing Room; now you can get them in all colors. It’s also Exile’s 3rd birthday, so all new hairstyles are 50% off during the celebration.

I am wearing… Serana, Annie, Erinn, Esti, Avril, Bronwyn, and Bianca in Chestnut.


I’m loving this new Curve Zipper Dress from Hucci. It has a really cute futuristic look, so I’m pairing it with the Alphabet Changer Belt Choker from Yabusaka. Normally I don’t really wear chokers, but this one is special!! I really like that I can customize it with GOGO or any combination of 4 letters that I want 😛



What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Esti (Chestnut)
Hucci – Curve Zipper Dress
Yabusaka – Alphabet Belt Choker
Kookie – Vo Pumps (Noir)

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